Which Operating System is powerful Android or iOS?

The ever-growing tech industry has blown away the masses already. This age of computerization has made things easier than ever before. People tend to get their things done following some effortless means rather than doing them on their own. Many hand-held devices and other kinds of gadgets have been introduced to the human race, which makes their lifestyle more digitized and less challenging.

Every gadget or device you buy comes up with numerous technicalities and features. These technicalities vary from device to device, gadget to gadget. Everyone does some little bit of research before spending tons of money on any device. That research includes the study of the features that one particular device offers.

Smartphones, the Never-ending Trend:

New smartphone companies are evolving almost every year. Today, there are thousands of smartphones, with a gazillion kinds of features in them. Every new version introduces new exciting features which makes a mobile phone to be a must-have device.

Smartphones have become a trend, and on average, every other person you come across has one smartphone at least. Before buying a smartphone, people list their priorities and consider the phone, which satisfies their requirements the most. Many features are taken under consideration because smartphones nowadays have so much more uses than just making calls and sending/receiving messages. It is a kind of gadget that you need all day, every day. Be it for educational purposes or business, or any other. Therefore, it gets hectic to decide which one is the best for you.
First and the foremost feature which comes into account is the kind of operating system that a particular smartphone supports.

What is a Mobile Operating system?


Mobile OS is a software that is particularly designed for a mobile device onto which other programs are executed. It is mainly responsible for all the features and functions that a device offers, e.g., widgets, internet browsing, virtual assistant, etc.

There are 9 popular mobile operating systems among which 2 have gained the most popularity and are competing in a head-to-head battle:

  1. Google’s Android.
  2. Apple’s iOS.

Both of the operating systems offer a huge range of features to their users. One operating system sometimes outperforms the other when it comes to some particular features in detail. The varying needs of the user determine the beneficial nature of the device. For some people, freedom to use mobile applications is important while for the others, smooth performance and the security of the mobile device is mandatory. Therefore, we tend to buy a phone based on our needs and demands.

Android or iOS, Which one is Powerful?

It is safe to say that both of these platforms are the most popular ones in the mobile phone industry. So much so that these two operating systems have become rivals. Where one offers complete security, the other offers freedom of use and access applications. Although the question of “which operating system is better” mostly depends on the varying needs of the user, we can compare these two platforms based on their features. Below is the comparison of the most highlighted features of the two popular mobile operating systems which would help you choose the best one for yourself.

1. Hardware:

Hardware plays an essential role in any mobile phone. Android phones are not only made by Google. This platform is also incorporated in many other phones by different companies, such as Samsung, LG, Motorola, HTC, etc. This is the reason for the huge variety of android phones in the market. They come in many shapes and sizes.

On the other hand, iOS is only supported by Apple devices. Hence, Apple has the best synchronization between its hardware and software components. The quality of Apple phones is quite impressive, but they also sometimes heat up and have other issues. Whereas, Good hardware quality android phones are very highly-priced, and they are more reliable than the low priced ones. Low priced android phones may break easily or may have overheating issues.

When choosing an android phone, you have to choose the brand and the model, both. While, when it comes to an iOS supporting phone, you just have to pick the model suitable to your needs and budget. No double choices in the iOS case, which makes decisions easier.

2. Battery Life:

Since Android offers numerous hardware options, its phones vary widely in features. Some phones have larger screens and several features that burn the battery a lot quicker. Whereas, some android phones come with high capacity batteries and can go about 1-2 days without a charge. It all depends on the model being used.

When it comes to the battery life of Apple phones, they lack this feature. iOS users have to recharge their batteries almost every other day. Apple tends to resolve its battery issues with the new updates it releases frequently. Hence, in this case, Android gets the win.

3. Security:

When safety and security are the priority, then iOS is the winner. There is no doubt in the fact that Apple has the most secure and safe systems. This does not mean that Apple phones are not prone to malware or will not ever get infected with a virus. Apple always prioritizes user safety and privacy first. This policy makes the user feel safe. It uses features like FaceID to prevent unauthorized people’s access to someone else’s phone.

While android phones are less likely to update often. Security breaches are very dangerous these days and tend to affect the user’s private data easily. Android phones usually fall behind in the race of speedy updates that iOS offers from time to time to ensure security.

4. Apps Selection:

The Google Play Store has more than double the apps on the Apple App Store.

This is the point where app selection comes into consideration. Apple chooses the apps that are to be available on the app store. It wants its users to install secure and good quality applications. Apple’s control is way more strict than Android’s. iOS users are always safe from all kinds of potential threats, e.g. once a fake version of WhatsApp was published on the Google Play Store and around a million people installed it before it could be removed and this wasn’t allowed on the App store.

Developing applications for Android is expensive because they are meant to be used on several phones which vary a lot in terms of features. Play Store offers several free apps than the App Store, but, at the end of the day, Quality always takes over quantity.

5. Affordability:

Last comes affordability. Budget is sometimes the first thing people consider before examining any kind of features and making a final decision. The budget draws the boundary around the choice the buyer has to make. Hence, price matters.

If the buyer has a tight budget, Android is the only option, because the iPhone is a high-end product. As the Android phone’s market is highly competitive, multiple companies try their best to come up with the cheapest smartphones offering the best features. It becomes quite an attraction for buyers as they usually prefer price over luxury. Android phones have a variety of models and, therefore, a huge price range to select from. On the other hand, iOS has become more of a status symbol due to its monopoly in the market. Therefore, most people end up buying an android phone.


Nowadays, mobile phones have become a necessity for most of us. They are used for several purposes in our everyday life, and it seems impossible to go a day without one. Every user has a separate set of reasons for selecting a particular phone for their best use, and each mobile phone comes with some good and bad features. Whether you are a business owner, a traveller or even just a student, smartphones have made it easier for all of us to communicate with our friends and family, manage our clients and education and make the best out of our everyday lives.

Students usually create a WhatsApp group to study with their classmates and share crucial information. Business owners now find it easy to share information about new products or promotional offers with their clients. Mobile apps have revolutionized businesses, as push-notifications have made it easier to market and sell products online.

Most of the businesses are now operating online only, rejecting the traditional needs of having a physical existence.
Despite all the facts and figures stated above, in the end, it’s the buyer’s choice that matters. Both platforms have their highs and lows. There is always room for improvement, and each of these operating systems updates themselves often to meet the user demands. Android and iOS both have a separate fan base all around the world.

Every user has a different opinion about each of the operating systems. When buying a phone, all the requirements are taken under consideration, and then a decision is made by the buyer in favour of the system that meets all the needs.

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