What Are The Benefits Of Using Mobile Push Notifications?

Getting your users to engage with your mobile applications is quite a challenge. One powerful method to reach users who are online is by leveraging push notifications. Push messages are a fast and efficient way to communicate with your users.

Some marketers are still not aware of the benefits of push messages to boost conversions, retaining customers, and increasing purchases. Push notifications are notification styled messages that appear on the top of a screen depending on the user’s mobile device or browser.

But why are mobile push notifications very powerful and effective? In this blog, let’s look into the benefits that mobile push messages can bring in.

Advantages of using mobile push notifications

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With push notifications, you can deliver customized and relevant content to your users at the most right time. It is effective for enhancing user experience and adding extra value to your mobile app or website.

When it comes to the advantages of push messages for your business, you can use this powerful communication tool to increase customer reach, engagement, and even conversions. But the benefits of mobile push notifications don’t end there, there are a lot more and are as follows.

Helps in retaining users

Ask yourself how many times you have some of the apps you have installed on your mobile devices. The answer might be just a couple of times.

So how would you ensure that your mobile app doesn’t go through the kind of abandonment by your customers? By adapting powerful ways to retain your customer base, you can reduce this abandonment to a greater extent.

Over 90% of the downloaded apps are opened only just once while above 16% of users would use an app at least for twice. Creating and sending related, customized, and push messages can do great things to retain your customers.
But an expert tip would be not to overuse. Overusing push notifications thinking that it might help to improve customer retention, it might even force your customers to unsubscribe from your push messages or even deleting your app. Also you must make sure about the relevancy of push notifications that you are sending out.

Stimulate customer engagement

The main purpose of any mobile app is to stimulate customer engagement but not all apps are able to achieve it.
The main reason for the inability to stimulate customer engagement is due to the lack of personalized push messages. Customers appreciate and desire customized and contextual interactions with their favorite brands.
Having a personal interaction is becoming more important to users as they are looking for relevant and meaningful content. To stimulate user engagement, satisfy the interests of your users by offering them with real-time push notifications that have relevant messages.

Increase conversions

Push notifications that have relevant content and timed the right way are great to improve the conversion rates as they can notify users and create a sense of emergency. If you face the problem of cart abandonment, you can use push notification campaigns to solve this issue and bring back your users.

With the help of your push messages, you can increase the retargeting click-through rate by 2-3 times than general mobile ads. Push notifications are great when it comes to triggering immediate purchases. Make sure you send informative push messages and let your customer know about exclusive offers and discounts of yours.

Target the right customers

When sending out push notifications to your customers, your mobile app asks for their permission to access their location. If your customers grant access to their location, you will get the opportunity to customize the user experience with location-specific push messages.

You can customize your messages to target customers according to the country, state, or even specifically by city. Additionally, you can also notify your customers about the specific offers when they are in a specific location.
Push notifications based on a customer’s location can help you engage your customers with a high degree of customization. Moreover, you can also send push messages to your customers based on their interests.

Measure actionable metrics

One of the best advantages of push messages is that they help to measure customer behavior. Powerful push notification services offer complex analytics and reporting tools to track open rates, the number of times your messages are opened, and engagement rate, etc.

Push message services like Pushmaze help to craft beautiful and customized messages that your users would love.
You can get significant insights on customer behavior including click-through rates and engagement times to see which type of notifications are more likely to be clicked on.

By tracking customer behavior, you can create push notification campaigns that can help you connect better with customers.

Improve brand consistency

Sending push notifications to your users about last-minute discounts and unique offers is a great way to get an extra boost for your marketing efforts. Push messages make a complementary marketing channel where you can provide extra and value-added messages about your business.

Push notifications also offer strong brand recognition by allowing you to use your branding like business logos in your notifications. This makes it easy for your customers to remember your push messages increasing the value of your brand.

Make your customer service better

Push messages cannot be used only for improving customer reach and retention, it can also be leveraged to improve your customer care strategy. When compared to other marketing techniques, push messages can drive better traffic as it is less intrusive.

It allows your users to keep in track of the latest updates, promotions and discounts, and exclusive information from your brand.

Push notifications are a powerful tool to capture customer’s attention. To make it more efficient, make your push messages more time-sensitive and valuable and maintain a customized tone.

Compared to general messages, customized push notifications have 4 times more open rates. The more relevant and personal your customer care messages, the better the results you will be able to achieve.


When leveraging mobile push notifications, you must not only be aware of the benefits of mobile push notifications, but also about the best strategies to implement them the right way.

Once you are equipped with the necessary knowledge about push notifications, the go-ahead to form an effective push message strategy according to your business goals to ensure your user not only starts interacting with your mobile apps but also makes the purchase.

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