09 Ways to Boost Your Content Marketing Game

Marketing is the magical golden lamp for the success of any business- from fledgling start-ups to successful enterprises. However, what makes all the difference is how you sell your content. The key to a flourishing business encompasses innovative content creation and the strategy to accessorize that content to sell. Even the best ideas can hit a roadblock and fail to add any real value to your business if they lack purpose and direction.

The markets, virtual and physical, are saturated with services of a similar kind. So how do you establish your autonomy? How do you make the consumers pick you out of the millions of businesses? Maybe all you only need to do is tweak your existing strategies to have your desired return-on-investment.

Therefore, to make your creative ideas reach optimum utilization, we have highlighted nine successful ways to boost your marketing strategies that will build brand awareness and ultimately help in generating higher revenues.


1. Know Your Audience

Figuring out your target audience is the crucial step. Business is more about customers than your product or service. However, mapping out your audience’s preferences, needs and dislikes would aid in designing more focused and effective marketing strategies.

Evolution in time has created a greater sense of awareness and curiosity of the human mind. Today, topics such as physical fitness, mental well-being, and self-defense gadgets for women have gotten greater attention in recent times. Hence, knowing what is being discussed by the masses, ideas trending on the internet would help identify your audience’s desires.

Therefore, listen to the customers and research all social media platforms, blogs, forums. Tools and software such as Reddit, Quora, Google trends, Buzzfeed can help discover ideas and trends that resonate with your audience.

2. Use Mixed Media – aka Different Content Formats

It is imperative to use a variety of content formats to keep your audience interested. Everyone has different preferences when it comes to viewing content. The use of mixed media would keep the interest of the viewers from waning away.

The popular content formats include blog posts, infographics, webinars, videos, podcasts, eBooks, case studies, success stories. Conversion tools such as designrr can help you organize your content into exciting and interactive formats for increased viewership.

3. Improve Social Media Engagement

Becoming a celebrity overnight is not a dream anymore. Social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest are the quickest and most effective way to reach out to your audience. Internet celebrities like Charli D ‘Amelio have amassed a million followers in a viral TikTok in a week! All it takes is a catchy phrase, a couple of strategic hashtags, along with the best shot of your product, and voila! Your DMs will be overflowing with customer queries and interests.

Interact with your audience through comments, posts, live sessions, and a few more tips and tricks to snag the audience’s curiosity.

4. Influence by the Influencers

Influencers are the Big Brother of social media. They have a hold on the psyche of the general public like no other. They have not only loyal followers but also implicit trust. A successful collaboration with social media influencers will give a massive boost to your content marketing game and possibly a larger consumer market.

Approaching micro-influencers can save you more money than the big bucks demanded by macro-influencers. It may be an expensive endeavor but is always worth the risk. Shane Baker, a digital strategist, can help you play your cards right in his article here.

5. Create/ Update your Website and Blogs Regularly

Make a user-friendly platform where they can learn about your business. An interactive interface of your website will pique interest. Highlight your vision, goals, products details, case studies, success stories to attract new customers and win their loyalty by facilitating them with promotion offers, discounts, and sales.

Don’t be afraid of embellishing your product with details. Your audience has gotten smart and self-aware! Surveys have revealed that customers now value well-researched and detailed content that is self-sufficient to address all their queries.

If you’re a skincare brand, your customers are interested in affordable products with fancy packaging and product claims, along with descriptions. List the ingredients and highlight their benefits for the skin, educate them on the proper usage.

6. Collaborate with Content Creators

Are you running out of fresh content ideas? Content creation is research-intensive and time-consuming. It is where freelancers and different content-creating platforms online can rescue you and share the burden, leaving you to focus your energy on strategizing and marketing the service.

7. Make Those Inboxes Ping

Email marketing was the most effective way to reach the audience during the early days of the internet. Today, email users have become cautious about receiving emails from unknown sources leading the business owners to question the effectiveness of this strategy. However, email marketing isn’t dead yet.

8. Gauge Your Progress

Evaluate your targets and goals through set guidelines and KPIs. Study the dips and the rise of different strategies employed; brainstorm and regroup to overcome the obstacles; run comparative studies like split tests to check what strategy resonates with the audience and ultimately gauge the return on investment through engagements, reach, traffic, reaction on posts and click rates of all marketing strategies on different platforms.

9. Dedicate Time and Accept Changes

Content Marketing is not a side project but a complete dedication of time and resources. You will not achieve desired results by shooting arrows in the dark with bulk content. It needs prioritizing. So, hire experts, delegate tasks to your team, and pull up some creative marketing strategies.

Final Words

We live in an ever-evolving world, where nothing is fixed or predetermined. Success is the product of your ability to adapt, evolve and accept change in how you plan, create, promote and distribute your services according to times and need.

So, break that redundant approach, implement these tips, and get started on your road to success!

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