Watching TV in virtual reality

Hey Folks, are you looking for something new in the virtual reality? If yes here is the interesting news for you. Normally we used to watch virtual reality on mobile or built-in devices, right? How will you react if I would say that you are going to experience on watching TV in Virtual Reality? Yes! It’s On the way, Folks!

Normally we know about the virtual reality that we can experience the reality of the game, video, and something which generated by the computer in the form of Three-dimensional Videos. When you watch the movie or videos on Virtual reality your perception of reality will be changed. You will be projected in the reality which not there.

How does Virtual Reality works?

Virtual reality is something or new virtual computer generated environment and it could be some game and some environment or some video that play around you or you walk around.
Now companies are making the personal VR equipment such as headsets that you can buy and use it with your phone. You just need to wear it on your face. There are two types of virtual reality Headset.

The first one is the accessory that you put your smartphone inside that becomes the screen, For example, Google cardboard and Samsung gear VR. Another type is the standalone device that has screen and gyroscope are built in. For example, HTC VIVE and Oculus Rift.

Things You can expect on watching TV in Virtual Reality

Watching TV in virtual reality is coming soon where you can enjoy every frame of the video in your TV. It seems like magical that will take off you to the reality world where something not there. I’m damn sure you may be getting bored with watching TV in 3D. Of course, there are thousands of VR games and videos are available in the market. But why don’t you expect that on your TV? It would be awesome when you are watching it on TV too.

The Showcase TV channel announced that they are going to release the Halcyon Episodes on their channel with virtual reality. The Halcyon is the crime episode where you can be the part of the episode on finding the crime. Once you wear the VR headset you will get lost in the Virtual reality. Watching TV in virtual reality would be awesome where you will start to move around the room. So be aware of placing something on the floor.


Watching TV in virtual reality is so impressive where you will totally enter the entire new world. Virtual reality will take off one there is a lot of virtual reality stuff to look up like when 3D TV would have started people everywhere started making 3D Videos. I think watching TV in virtual reality would be something special that 3D TV might not have.

When someone watches 3D TV first time, their reaction might be “wow”, But when the first time you watch the TV in Virtual Reality Then your reaction will be “uhh.. wowww! This is so Impressive and makes it’s so cool!”. So, stay updated and don’t miss the experience of watching TV in Virtual reality.

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