Virtual Trade Show Examples 2021

Brands are the ones who are making the most out of advanced and developing technologies. They strive hard to maximise their revenue and to reach the wider audience.

But since last year, the industry who has been facing the challenges will be the events marketing industry.
Event organisers had been on the roller coaster ride of cancellations and postponed events.

This gives the rise to virtual events and trade shows. Getting along with each other through video chat, webinars and beyond physical events encouraged the exhibitors to adapt the world of virtual events. They start with establishing virtual booths and attracting attendees to it.

What is a Virtual Trade Show?

Virtual Trade Show concept

When a physical event gets fueled with 3D effects, a worldwide audience, innovative tools that can make it happen virtually, is a virtual event.

And when the agenda behind these virtual events is exhibiting business’ services or products, they are called virtual trade shows.

The main advantage of virtual trade shows is that people can join these events regardless of their location.

Another reason for the popularity of virtual events is the imposed restrictions on social gathering due to the pandemic.

Virtual trade shows are encouraged by the exhibitors because physical events take up high organizational costs and are difficult to manage because of the large population.

Therefore, brands and companies organize virtual trade shows to engage with the audience globally at a low cost and to give them a real-time event experience.

Now, what makes a virtual trade show a hit and perfect event? Let us understand some major elements responsible for a virtual event.

Perfect Design for Virtual Trade Shows

3D Design & Integration Tools

What is the easiest way to attract the larger group of people who knows nothing about your trade shows? It’s how you present your virtual event.

With innovative technologies like 3D design, you can give your virtual audience an incredible real-time experience to attend your virtual trade show.

Customize your virtual event’s interface by integrating tools such as social media and live streaming tools.

There are various tools for such a case, for example – Google Meet, Zoom, and Skype that can be used in the virtual event.

To add creativity, make your event interactive and compelling, you can use various tools like Taggbox Display and show your social media feeds aggregated from different social media platforms.

Using user-generated content in the virtual trade event to show how trustworthy your product is or displaying how engaging it is, can bring you more traffic.

Gamification Techniques

To make it more interactive for the attendees and boost engagement of your virtual trade show, you can host different contests and games.

Q&A sessions, free personalized badges for every team, feedback sessions, photo contests, social rewards, etc can help you reach your objectives and provide a high-quality experience.

This is the best way to increase your audience and to keep them engaged with your virtual event.

Virtual Trade Show Examples

There has been a buzz around organizing virtual events to improve the engagement and accessibility to reach the global audience.

There are few examples of popular virtual trade shows which went successfully and earned a massive audience. Let’s know more about them.

Black Hat

Introduced in 1997, a very famous and intellectual conference organized by Black Hat Briefings provides education and training about security trends to corporates, government officials and hackers.

Black Hat conference also provides information about the latest happenings in the security and research industry which relates to security risks and their solution.

This annual event has been taking place for 20 years in Las Vegas. It helps professionals, researchers and leaders to enhance their career growth.

This event brings closer all the best techies from the industry and allows them to share their knowledge and experience.

Microsoft Inspire

Microsoft Inspire is an annual conference held by Microsoft Corporation for all its partners and their communities where they integrate to share knowledge and experience.

They discuss their ‘would be’ objectives, learn about new trends, expand their network, build meaningful connections with the industry professionals and specialists.

They get the hands-on experience of their latest developed products, dive into intellectual training sessions through creative visuals and presentations.

In 2020, partners of Microsoft from around the world joined in digitally and collaborated. There were keynote speakers, executive presentations and many other sessions.

Microsoft Corporation says that this conference is all about discussing innovative products and solutions to face the challenges of tomorrow.


Connecting with people through physical trade shows has been an obstacle for many organizations in terms of reaching audiences globally.

However, the shift to digitalization has benefited the exhibitors to bring in a real-time event through virtual trade shows.

It is a perfect way to increase the involvement of the worldwide audience in a cost-effective manner and to generate maximum profits.

To get leads for your business and to take it beyond the borders, showcase your services and products virtually for the larger audience to see and to experience.

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