Top Gardening Apps For Your Garden in 2020

Within their homes or on the veranda, those who are city dwellers are most often fond of gardening. But gardening is not an easy task, and it’s a lot harder to make a garden, not on the surface. All should be handled systemically in this situation. Again, there are plenty of very difficult tasks, such as sowing, harvesting, recognizing seeds and plants, etc., and you need some experience or support for these tasks.

So, thinking about you, we’ve gathered Android’s best gardening apps which will help you to find local professionals and made a list of some of those apps.


SOWING CALENDARNow, I’m going to introduce an app that will guide you and tell you about many variables in your gardening. Gardening is one of the best free apps you can find in the play shop dedicated to your gardening. Sowing Calendar It will help you to book home services with all the right ways of sowing and other important facts and the best time. In the next section, let’s dig into its principal features.


  • Supports you throughout the year in gardening by operating as a calendar app. It provides all the data you need to sow various vegetables and flowers.
  • Suggestions for the sowing period that suits your climate and region are included.
  • Provides sowing and harvest time notification.
  • Integrates options of note-taking for the specific use case.
  • Complete charts of data and nutrition are also given.


MOON & GARDENIf you have a hobby, this app will be a great help for you to make a garden in your living space. It is the best planting and sowing guide app for you. In the following part, let’s look into its key characteristics. It will ensure that you are sure whether it will benefit you or not.


  • The lunar calendar is included because plants are heavily dependent on the moon.
  • Suggests accurate sowing time and guides you in making your organic garden.
  • Provides appropriate sowing, repotting, and harvesting period suggestions as required.
  • The choice for your gardening records requires individual note-taking.
  • Provides a regional weather report and recommends the best possible plans for you.


PLANTIXAnother great choice for you if you are a hobby gardener is Plantix- Grow Smart. It is one of the best Android apps for gardening. It’ll show you how to seed and grow plants perfectly. It’s like a community, and so with others, you can discuss your problem. Several stunning features are also here. In short, let’s meet them.


  • Would act as a fantastic problem solver for you in making your garden.
  • You can ask questions from lots of experts and get solutions.
  • Provides every concept and suggestion to create a nice garden.
  • Have tips for the most common crops worldwide.
  • To apply the app, an internet connection is required.
  • To discuss it, you can share pictures of your plants.


AGROBASEMeet another famous gardening app in your garden that will come as a great help to you. It’s Agrobase-weed, disease, bugs. This is truly a great app, with which you can book local experts who will give you all the tips you need to grow your plants perfectly. The process to sow, grow, and also the ways to prevent them from insects and plant diseases. Nevertheless, let’s see what it will offer.


  • It gives you the value of how plants can be sown and grown at home and outdoors.
  • You will get instructions to protect your plants from insects and diseases.
  • Edify you how to utilize pesticides for which plants.
  • It can be a support for you to identify the weed.
  • Plant tips for almost all categories, such as flowers, herbs, fruits, and others, will be given.
  • As it is a Woo-Commerce supported app, you can buy things related to gardening using it.


HANDIMANAnother app that is also considered one of the best gardening apps is Handiman. It is very simple to use, and if you use it properly, your flower garden will soon have a fantastic appearance. It will remind you to take care of your plants and you can book professionals who will make your experience of gardening wonderful.


  • Provide all-important tips and techniques for planting lovely flowers.
  • It will teach you how to identify various trees’ seeds and flowers.
  • It is very easy to use and light in terms of weight.
  • It requires no registration and no external or internal connections.
  • It will make your garden look beautiful and reduce your time to make it easier for you to work.
  • A note-taking function is included.


If you like this blog, when it comes to gardening, you need a bit of support. When flowers start to fail and when fruits and veggies stall. So, we’ve curated a list of today’s best available gardening apps.

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