Top 6 Security Apps That You MUST Have To Keep Your Device Secure

Smartphones have now become an integral part of our lives. We not only use them to call each other instead, we use them to store numerous sensitive data, but our devices can also be used to make our bank accounts empty if put into the wrong hand. So, to keep your network safe and stabilized you should opt for (, this will make sure that no cyber criminal gets in your network and hamper your privacy.

Moreover, cyber crimes are rapidly increasing, so now a question comes into our mind: is it safe to put all our secret data into our devices? Absolutely yes! Until your tools are secured by some robust security systems, there is nothing to worry about.

So, we have sorted out some best security apps that are available for you.

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1.Norton Security And Antivirus

The most updated version of Norton offers excellent security, even when in the free version. The app detects all malware, trojan, viruses that harm the devices in an imposing manner. When your device is lost, it gives a unique feature to lock and erase all our data from the device remotely.

This device also comes up with several plugins like app locker, password saver, etc. The paid version comes up with awful features like Wi-Fi scanning to detect harmful connections, Call Blocking, Blocking malicious websites, etc.

2.Kaspersky Antivirus

Kaspersky is one of the best apps, and it also comes up with a free version and a paid version. The paid version offers features like manual scanning of malware and viruses, even manual removal of them.

The premium version comes up with real-time data protection, and it protects our data from getting uploaded to unwanted servers, it blocks unwanted apps from getting installed. Similar to Norton, it brings up features like app locker, password saver, calls blocking, warns us from opening malicious websites, etc. Whenever the app is installed for the first time, it gives us a free trial for 30-days.

3. McAfee Mobile Security & Lock

This app comes up with many powerful functions unlike other apps, McAfee has been winning notable awards for its beautiful works. Advanced features like Wi-Fi security, battery optimizer, anti-theft features, app lock, cache cleaner come free in this app. It provides the most beautiful and clean user-interface.

The paid features are notably expensive compared to some other apps. This app comes with some most advanced features like thief cam feature for capturing pictures of the intruder, whoever tries to breach your privacy, it also stops unwanted uninstalling of apps and also supports wear devices like a smartwatch.

4. 360 Security

360 security, too, comes with a beautifully organized user interface and is one of the most-used apps among people using free versions. It comes up with some extra features from the other conventional apps like CPU cooler, and it kills all the unwanted background running apps and cools the system.

Some other features of this app are antivirus protection, junk cleaner, anti-theft protection, providing the lock screen with multiple functionalities, etc. This app only comes up with the free version, including some ads and some in-app purchases. The most highlighted features of this app are call and SMS filtering, intruder photo capturing, speed-boosting by cleaning RAM.

5.Avast Antivirus and security

Avast is compared to the best apps for a long time and is indeed a personal choice of many. This app provides various functionalities like antivirus scanning and removal from both device and external memory; it also analyses an app before installing and even monitors actions of every app and notifies us. It helps us limit unwanted junk calls and messages.

In adverse situations of losing your device, it gives you an option to remotely lock, erase, play a siren, and even track the location of your device. This app also provides us using VPN to surf the internet in a much secure manner. The app is only available in the Google play store. With all these fantastic features, Avast is a worthy competitor of all the best security apps.

6.Security Master

Security Master is the upgraded version of the CM security app for android. It is an excellent app with all the required features due to which it has received superior ratings and many downloads. Again this app has a beautiful, clean, and easy to use user-interface. It keeps your phone free of viruses.

The free app itself brings a list of amazing features like app locker, virus scanner, and remover, message security, Wi-Fi security, notification cleaner, RAM cleaner, CPU cooler, battery saver, call blocker, etc. It also consists of an in-built browser that allows you to browse Facebook, Youtube, and other sites safely. Security Master is a fantastic app to be listed among the top security apps.

So, these were the six best security apps one can choose to keep their devices completely hazard-free from harmful cyber threats, and you can keep your data safe and worry-free.

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