Things to Avoid when Building an Internet Marketing Company

If you’ve decided to build an internet marketing company for a living, then I’m sure you’ve researched on the subject carefully and thoroughly, from what to prepare before building the company, how to prepare it step-by-step, to what risk and threat your company may face in the future during the journey.

This time, this article will give you a slightly different content. Instead of telling you what to do to set up your company, I will tell you what not to do when building an internet marketing company. All of the things I listed here, of course, have its reason why you’re better off not doing that.

Most of the things in this list seems like something perfectly normal that you don’t think will slow your business down in the future. But that’s exactly where the traps are, so read this article to avoid getting sudden attack when your business is doing well.

1. Wait to promote until the website is complete
The truth is, your website will never be complete. It will continue evolves, at least if you’re any good. The content will increase, the visitors too, and you may want to change something to accommodate them. You will hold some events in the website, adding and removing pages. So, don’t wait until it’s finished before you’re starting promotion.

Promotion started the moment your skill is ready. For few first clients, don’t expect someone to just randomly decide to hire you because they’re impressed by your claim of knowledge and proficiency in internet marketing. Promote your business to your network first: extended family, friends, colleagues, and if there isn’t any of them who need your service, ask them if they know any who is in the need of one. Ask your network’s permission to introduce you to those people.

When your website is ready, you not only have sleek, professional, and functional website, but also some first clients to start the business.

2. Being too keyword driven
SEO is vital skill for internet marketing, since appearing in Google’s search result page one is almost a guarantee to get more visitors. Google rank the sites in the search result organically, using several factors. One of most popular factors is keyword. However, a good internet marketing agency knows that it’s not the only factor. Google count the length of the post, the links provided, and so on. Basically, Google wants high quality content to appear on their list, and a post too dense with keyword with nothing of real value to the readers, will not make it. Save the frustration on not being able to land a good place in the search result by focusing less on the keyword, but by focusing on value. What is it the customers want and what incentive they will respond to? Has there been any similar content in the internet previously? If yes, how do you make your post become superior to those of the competitors?

3. Under utilize your network
As your internet marketing company grows, you will notice how clients start to find you on their own, instead of you reaching out to them. The struggling days when you have to contact friends and colleagues, asking if they anybody that needs your service, are long gone. But, the value of network doesn’t stop there. Remember, you are in your current position because of your networking in the past, so imagine how big you’re going to be if you’re still networking now. Think of it like compounded interest, or snowball. The more you reach, the more you’ll get back. So, don’t stop reaching out. Now, you probably also have followers or subscribers. Promote your business to them softly, and let them share the words. Don’t promote your client’s business only, but promote yourself as well.

4. Being too excited over traffic
Traffic is good, traffic is important. It increases exposure. But, traffic doesn’t mean sales. Visitors coming to your (or your client’s) website don’t always get impressed with the product or service offered, and end up leaving the website without making any engagement at all. So, focusing internet marketing effort in only attracting traffic is bad idea. You have to make sure the website is engaging enough for first time visitors to stay for more than 10 seconds, informative enough to make them understand why they need the product or service, and professional enough to build trust in them to make inquiry or purchase. Of course, a big number is traffic is good, because it brings in more potential customers. But, big traffic and low engagement means there’s something wrong in the website that makes customers not want to spend minutes, read info, or let alone, purchase.

5. Focus too much on first-time visitors
Don’t assume that customers will be back the second time after they trust the website enough to buy something. Competitors are abundance, and they want to have more customers, they don’t care if they’re snatching yours. As internet marketing firm, they know how customers behave.

Return customers are potential buyers, because you don’t have to repeat the process of getting them to notice you and building their trust. But, if you don’t follow them up and keep in contact with them, your position in their mind will slip and fall, creating opening for competitors to enter.

Building internet marketing agency has its challenges and threat, but it can be very rewarding financially. You can’t expect to have it right from the get go, many professional marketers have to go through some problems and failures, big or small, before they arrive at where they are right now. However, many of them have shared insights about their experience, and the above list of “things not to do when building an internet marketing company” is one of the results. Use the insight well and you’ll be able to follow the success of other internet marketing agency, with considerably less time.

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