Technology Integration in Teaching and Learning

We are living in the 21st century where we face so many developments and revolutions taking place. One of the fields where we saw a drastic development in the technological field. When there was technological growth it was measurable and didn’t go too large but as time passed we came to know so many developments of technology and now we can see that technology is an integral part of our life. In every field whether it business commercial economical social or educational in every field we can see the influence of technology in a larger part.

So it is really said to be the technological era and we are living in a technological field where we can achieve our dreams somewhat easily and attain so many life opportunity to make our living easy going and successful one. When we take the commercial field we can say that without technology commercial will not able to exist in the marketing endorsing and in maintaining the relationship between the customers in these fields technology plays a key role.

When we take the educational field, at first educators hesitated to use technological devices in the classroom or in the learning or teaching process.

Because they hesitated that it creates discomfort for the teachers and it will distract the students from learning. But as time passed we came to know that technology can do some great work in the educational field and we can say that it has brought so many changes and developments in the educational field. Teachers as well as learners use technological devices to make learning easy and teachers use it to make their teaching more qualitative and validate one.

Now more than 80% of schools and colleges use technological devices in the classroom which gave them real-life experience and help the students to study their materials without much stress and strain. As we know an educational career is filled with stress because of expectations and the academicals works. So technologies really help and guide the students in academicals work and help them to score good marks in their examination.

Complex to simple teaching

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Technology makes teaching easier and students get a clear idea about the particular topic. In the traditional method, the teacher has to explain a lot and gave certain notes related to it. Students will get confused and the doubt will remain in their mind itself. But when the teacher uses technological devices and present the topic through technological devices and the students will get real-life experience it will make their idea clear and they will get direct experience which will help them in their examination.

By presenting the information through audio-visual aids teacher will be able to give them practical experience and will be able to understand the application of knowledge in real life. By using technological devices in the classroom teachers can improve the comprehensive level of the learners.

Encourages distance learning

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We know that learning is not only limited to colleges or in the classroom. Education can be acquired through other ways too. One of the other ways is technological or internet distance learning. As now more than 65% of students learn through distance education which really helped the students to learn and make their life successful one. I

f you are in a job and not able to go to college then you can continue your education through distance learning in which you will get choices for a number of different courses you can select and learn according to that. You will get all necessary materials and books online without paying money and you can read it when you are free. You will get online lecture class also through which you can make your learning perfect one. So technology has given opportunities for those who want to learn and follow their dreams.

Makes learner as well as teacher confident

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Teaching as well as learning is a stressful process. In teaching the teacher must get all knowledge related to the subject its past present and future situation and the learner must be ready to do any kind of work and should present it before the deadline. So these two situations are different but the emotions are the same. So through technological devices teacher will acquire all knowledge related to the subject and she can apply new methods in teaching.

If one method fails she can easily jump to the second one in that sense teacher will feel free in teaching. And in the case of learners the academic life is a stressful one as we all know. By using technological devices they will get a helpline and they will get some sort of support to finish their work and submit it on time. So in both cases, technology increases the confidence level and helps them to give their best.

Develops good communication

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Now technology has become the part of communication. A student can sit in his home and can communicate with the teacher through the internet. They can have a discussion about their studies or about their class work. Now, most of the colleges and school use the internet to communicate with the teacher this helps to improve the relationship between the teacher and students. When they get such opportunity to communicate it will positively affect their education and will help to decrease the stress level which is really important for a good academicals result. It is really important to have a good rapport with the students. If we follow the traditional method it will not work here. So as time passes we also have to adopt new methods and techniques to produce a good citizen to our country. So through technological devices there will be a good understanding between teacher and students.

Without any doubt, we can say that technology has brought good developments in the educational field and helps teachers as well as students to perform well in their field. Through technology, students are able to enjoy learning more and they get to know new things through it. So we must encourage the use of technology in the educational field. As we know in every field we can see the glimpse of technology and our young generation must be expert in technological skills to lead a successful life.


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