Crypto Micropayment: A Game Changer in the World of Transactions!

Crypto Micropayment

Payments on your FINGERTIPS! How does it sound? It sounds very technology-oriented and an enhanced mechanism to us. Well, the dream has now come true as payments as less as cents can be initiated electronically. Not to forget mentioning, the entire mechanism is called ‘Micropayments,’ which is now creating a …

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5 Essential Predictions on How Blockchain Could Change The World


Thinking about how blockchain could change your life? We have news for you. It is changing our lives right now. Your online banking, tour operator, or favorite online store probably has already implemented distributed ledger in their business. Not just because it’s a global trend, but mainly because blockchain can …

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Ways Virtual Reality is Changing the World

VR Game

Computer-generated Reality (VR) is certainly not another innovation – forms of it have been utilized since the 60s – however, it is an instrument that is going through extremist development. Probably the most significant jumps specifically have been in changing the gaming and media outlet. Anyway, there have been some …

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Are business cards still relevant to your business in today’s world?

Editable business card mockup

Today’s world is a virtual one where we are surrounded by technology that is constantly revolutionizing our daily lives. We are constantly evolving and technology has paved the way for various devices like laptops and smartphones etc. In a world where paper is becoming less important and everything is on …

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Technology that will change the world


Challenge Google awarded three NGOs that use technology to help communities in Colombia that face various issues. Some technophobes, people who are not lovers of technology, argue that advances in this matter can cause discomfort to humanity. However, there are organizations in Colombia that have used it to, for example, …

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