5 Steps To Get Quality Backlinks For Your Website Today


The creation of a presence online requires you to create visibility for yourself. What that means is that you should have a certain amount of traffic on your website. Traffic on your website is the main thing when you talk about ranking on the search pages. That’s why those advertisements and pop-ups on various websites say hey look at here now for Search Engine Marketing Orange County, New York, Mumbai, Paris, etc. They want to sell you the service of SEO because they know that it’s what matters for your business. However, it’s not necessary that you should opt for …

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How to resize YouTube video for your website


Do you know that video marketing is one of the trend in 2018? Customers these days want short but useful content that is highly engaging and capable to tell a story. What can convey all of those better than a video? More and more companies prefer to use video as their marketing tool. It’s more interesting and engaging than still images or long text or even the previous trend – infographic. If you want to catch up to this trend, whether it’s for your product brand or personal brand, you’ll want to start providing video content in your website. After …

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How to fix wp-config corrupt file issue in WordPress


Every job comes with risk. Being a blogger isn’t an exception. Have you ever experience any malfunction in your blog, ranging from small inconvenience like how some features suddenly won’t load to big mess up that makes you unable to even login to your dashboard? If you haven’t, then you probably haven’t done blogging for a long time. That, or you are a very lucky person. Because, corrupt file issue in blogging is real, and it can be both annoying and damaging, and it can happen to anybody. Both newbie and expert may experience this unpleasant trouble. One of the …

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