6 Types of Social Proof You Should Add to Your Website


It is not an easy task to earn and keep customers’ trust. Especially since there are so many competing brands out there! If you want to do it and do it right, you need to be familiar with the six types of social proof you should add to your website. …

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6 Reasons Why You Should Use Strikingly to Build Your Website


You need a website. And we know how you can get one without spending hundreds and thousands of dollars. How? Create one yourself. No coding and web designing knowledge? Don’t worry. Strikingly doesn’t require you to have that to build a website. What is Strikingly? It is a ridiculously easy-to-use …

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Safeguarding Your Small Business Website: Everything You Need to Know

Cyber security-Lock-keyboard

One of your most critical responsibilities as a small business owner is safeguarding your website against cyberthreats. After all, a successful hack-attack on your site will not only be ruinous financially but also compromise your customers’ trust in your organization. You don’t want to be seen as the business that’s …

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Free SVG Icons Used By UI/UX Designers For Designing The Website


If you’re a UI/UX designer who is yet to explore the potential of using free SVG icons on the website, then it’s high time you pull your socks. SVG icons are now the obvious elements that go into web designing. As websites are increasingly becoming a single and powerful point …

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5 Steps To Get Quality Backlinks For Your Website Today


The creation of a presence online requires you to create visibility for yourself. What that means is that you should have a certain amount of traffic on your website. Traffic on your website is the main thing when you talk about ranking on the search pages. That’s why those advertisements …

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How to resize YouTube video for your website


Do you know that video marketing is one of the trend in 2018? Customers these days want short but useful content that is highly engaging and capable to tell a story. What can convey all of those better than a video? More and more companies prefer to use video as …

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How to fix wp-config corrupt file issue in WordPress


Every job comes with risk. Being a blogger isn’t an exception. Have you ever experience any malfunction in your blog, ranging from small inconvenience like how some features suddenly won’t load to big mess up that makes you unable to even login to your dashboard? If you haven’t, then you …

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