Eight Amazing Ways Technology Can Improve Your Recruitment Strategy


Finding new employees was usually a time-consuming, complex, and inflated process in the past. It involved newspaper advertisements, recommendation letters, resumes handed in personally or emailed to HR departments, and extended bland interviews. But thanks to the latest technological advancements, recruiting new staff has never been easier. Today, businesses can …

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How Is AR & VR Technology Making Learning Smarter?

AR & VR Technology

Augmented and Virtual Reality is becoming a way of life. In recent years, it has touched almost every sphere of life. But among other sectors, education and gaming are two of the most prominent users of the AR VR technology. And when it comes to the education industry, AR VR …

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Here’s How to Harness Technology for Your Entrepreneurship Journey


So you have a million-dollar idea? Perhaps inspiration hit when you were least expecting it, and after years of procrastinating, you’re finally making the leap to entrepreneurship. Congratulations! A study by Forbes showed that entrepreneurship is one of the most fulfilling career paths out there. But – if you know …

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Technology 2019

Technology innovations and trends are continually changing at a quick pace. In this way, expectations and predictions are not constantly impeccable and accurate. However still, we endeavor to break down and evaluate the trends each year and pursue those. Few of the trends advances as an effective innovation, and some …

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Technology Integration in Teaching and Learning

Book Stars

We are living in the 21st century where we face so many developments and revolutions taking place. One of the fields where we saw a drastic development in the technological field. When there was technological growth it was measurable and didn’t go too large but as time passed we came …

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How Technology And Online Learning Will Influence The Future Of Education?


We are living in a technological and we know technology is something which made our life easy and comfortable. In every field whether its commercial field social industries economical or educational field in every field we can see the influence of technology. When we take the field of education the …

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5 cloud technology trends your small business should keep an eye on


It goes without saying how cloud technology has revolutionized the way businesses both small and big ones operate these days. In fact, Gartner predicts that cloud will contribute to over 40% of total enterprise technology spending by 2021 across the world. With such a massive global acceptance, the business landscape …

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Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology

Bitcoin is a digital currency. Which means, it’s a totally computerized type of cash. As the overall population has turned out to be progressively taught about the advantages of cryptographic money, they have begun to genuinely put resources into it. That, as well as it’s really ending up very basic …

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Latest Technology Trends for Small Businesses


Latest technological developments and overall availability of reasonably priced high-tech to widest masses is certainly making an impact on every sphere of our lives so it is not that hard to conclude that business will be affected too. Older ones, without which it would be impossible to imagine the world …

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Educational Technology Trends in 2017


In this modern technological era, everything changed. In every field, we can feel some sort of changes and new innovations which helped new generation drastically. Everyone depends upon new technology, in every field. In the business field, we can see the new adaption of new trends and new innovations which …

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