Lack of Privacy on Social Media? Here’s How to make it Safer


It’s the digital age and how much have we really learnt from it? The world is bound by the digital chain, spending countless of hours on the internet a day. From streaming the best movies, to downloading songs from various apps, entering gaming portals, or making countless of videos to upload on TikTok – the internet is your oyster. Even though the internet and social media can be all fun and games, have you ever stopped to think whether it’s safe? Most of us blindly follow all the latest trends, post our entire lives on the internet, flashing personal details …

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How To Market Application Software’s and Games in Social Media


Consider on the off chance that you are a portable application advancement organization and you have as of late built up a game or application programming. What’s more, you can’t create income from it, at that point, it is an ideal opportunity to advance your game or application by means of web-based life showcasing. The advantage of picking up influence from web based life is that you get clients to utilize the applications, Gamers, downloads and in the end, you get the opportunity to produce deals. The entire motivation behind advertising your item utilizing internet based life is to make …

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How to make social media secure for kids?


Social media is very popular among young kids no time ever before. Have you ever think, why even kids are using online media frequently? Because the modern technology has offered mankind plenty of innovations in which social networking apps and websites are the most popular inventions. Now people can talk with each other with the help of social messaging apps such as Facebook, Yahoo, Tinder, Line, Vine, Viber, WhatsApp and plenty of other alike. These tech-creatures enable a user to communicate with the friends through text messages, chat conversations, and group conversations, audio and video calls and sharing online media …

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How to Bypass Social Media Dangers for Kids


Buying teens a digital device can be a bad omen nowadays. Why is it so? We have figured out and conducted a survey of teens where we came up with informative analysis. The reports reveal that teens have become active on social media platforms, but this is not in their favors at all. Sexting, pornography and another unwanted content are commonly available on Tumbler, Facebook and other dating sites. Teens should be kept away from such material, but they are deeply engaged in sharing this, their personal data, photos and even family information too. This is definitely a sign of …

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