Safeguarding Your Small Business Website: Everything You Need to Know

Cyber security-Lock-keyboard

One of your most critical responsibilities as a small business owner is safeguarding your website against cyberthreats. After all, a successful hack-attack on your site will not only be ruinous financially but also compromise your customers’ trust in your organization. You don’t want to be seen as the business that’s …

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Avoidable Marketing Mistakes Small Business Owners Make


Let’s face it; every business is out there to turn a profit. However, it feels like small businesses need to get especially creative to draw customers. They often don’t have the staffing or marketing budgets to follow suit of the industry giants. It’s okay to try to approach marketing differently, …

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How to Collect Data for Your Small Business


Running a business in the 21st century can often be a daunting task. In order to beat your competition and come out on top, it is not enough to provide a decent product or service. You also need to understand your customers and present your business in a thoughtful, well-formulated …

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