Technology Integration in Teaching and Learning

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We are living in the 21st century where we face so many developments and revolutions taking place. One of the fields where we saw a drastic development in the technological field. When there was technological growth it was measurable and didn’t go too large but as time passed we came to know so many developments of technology and now we can see that technology is an integral part of our life. In every field whether it business commercial economical social or educational in every field we can see the influence of technology in a larger part. So it is really …

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Is online learning the future of education


As we all know we are living in a technological era. In every field, we can find the influence of technology and it helped to achieve development and quality work in every field. If we look at the educational field, it brought a drastic development in educational and learning field. Nowadays in every school and in every college, we can see the use of technology and it really helped to develop the quality of education and learning. In the olden days, we didn’t have many facilities and we didn’t have good sources to enhance our learning ability. But after the …

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How Is Digital Learning Going To Change Schools And Education?

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As the world changed new technologies and new inventions are made according to that our education system changed. We have to go hand in hand with the new education system. People always expect new and modern tools in every field. This 21st century is considered as a digital era. Parents always want to give best to their children. Parents mainly want their child to go hand in hand with new technologies and new vision so that they can do something in future. As we know in this competitive world it’s hard to survive. So quality education always leads children to …

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