How Technology And Online Learning Will Influence The Future Of Education?


We are living in a technological and we know technology is something which made our life easy and comfortable. In every field whether its commercial field social industries economical or educational field in every field we can see the influence of technology. When we take the field of education the technology has brought huge and drastic change in learning and also in the teaching process. In the past educators and other faculty members didn’t use any kind of technological devices. Because technology is a huge concept and it needs so much care while operating it especially in the sensitive concept …

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Is online learning the future of education


As we all know we are living in a technological era. In every field, we can find the influence of technology and it helped to achieve development and quality work in every field. If we look at the educational field, it brought a drastic development in educational and learning field. Nowadays in every school and in every college, we can see the use of technology and it really helped to develop the quality of education and learning. In the olden days, we didn’t have many facilities and we didn’t have good sources to enhance our learning ability. But after the …

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The Future of Virtual Reality

Future of Virtual Reality

It might appear to be difficult to accept, however virtual reality (VR) has been around for over 30 years. This innovation discovered their underlying applications in the military air ship field, with Pilot Head-Mounted Displays, flight reenactments and later in diversion and gaming. Because of to a great degree high improvement costs, the many-sided quality of VR gadgets and different difficulties, this innovation hasn’t discovered the path into the business world up to this point. Innovation and Business partners demonstrated that shopper utilization of VR will see selection first. Above all, 69 percent of respondents trust VR will move toward …

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E- learning – The Future of Education


The internet is indeed a boon to the world and has its presence in almost every aspect of life. Internet has changed the traditional learning system. Education via internet is called e learning. E learning is a right mix of information, knowledge distribution and presentation of learning programmes for students or individuals in a creative manner-using internet. E-learning enables people to learn from anywhere and anytime. Initially e-learning industry never got much attention as it got in the recent times. It is growing at an increasing rate. The online education is set to be a boon with e-commerce players beginning …

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