How Automation Ensures Businesses Stay Afloat During COVID-19 Crisis


Whether you are running a large-scale multinational company or a small local business, you’ve felt the effect of the coronavirus pandemic. There is hardly an industry out there that hasn’t changed and adapted to sudden and significant changes COVID-19 has brought. Some, albeit few, industries saw an increase in revenue, while most had to figure out how to do more with less. Luckily, we are not as clueless as we were when the pandemic started. The past months have taught us a thing or two on adapting and implementing the latest technology trends. And seeing that we are still tackling …

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Businesses across various fields accelerate efforts to cope up with digital transformation

Digital Transformation Market

Almost every business across the world is pursuing a digital transformation strategy to stay ahead of the curve. Adopting digital processes has become the need of an hour. In order to achieve operational efficiency, improved customer service, and innovation, businesses have ramped up their efforts to embrace digital transformation. Though there are difficulties involved in the beginning, the benefits will offer many advantages in the long run. Businesses of all sizes have been implementing digitalization of processes to accelerate the growth and cope up with market needs. From telecommunication to the sports apparel industry and from the construction sector to …

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Latest Technology Trends for Small Businesses


Latest technological developments and overall availability of reasonably priced high-tech to widest masses is certainly making an impact on every sphere of our lives so it is not that hard to conclude that business will be affected too. Older ones, without which it would be impossible to imagine the world in not that distant past, are now becoming obsolete and forgotten, new business are always on the rise and the still existing ones are trying to adapt and make most out of the situation in which they are operating. Here, we will focus on the small businesses and the correspondent …

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