OneDrive for Business cannot Download Multiple Files? Top Solution

One Drive for Business Files

One Drive is a cloud storage integrated with Microsoft Office 365. It comes as an inbuilt function with a storage capacity of 1 TB within Office 365 on the subscription plans. It allows to store photos and files which can be accessed from anywhere and at any point of time. One Drive allows you to download the individual file or multiple files to the local system. It enables the easy download of the files from the One Drive, a cloud storage to a computer if you have a link to the One Drive location. The selected or complete multiple files …

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8 Tips to Pick the Best Mobile App Developer for Your Business

Mobile App Developer Planning

Nowadays there is a lot of demand for mobile apps. These fulfill the various requirements of the users like the users can earn income and market their business with the use of mobile apps. Now look at some stats:  In 2019, around $462 billion revenue was generated all over the world in the field of mobile app Around $935 billion is the expected revenue in 2023 In 2019’s third quarter, the people of the United States installed on an average 20 mobile apps. Reaching the next level can be possible for your business if you develop mobile apps. However, it …

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10 Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Your Business


Considering there are presently more than 3 billion using interpersonal organizations over the globe and eventually, every business looks for development. What’s more, all the time, “Social Media Marketing” is the appropriate response. Web-based media use is one of the most mainstream online exercises. Sherpa Marketing found that a more significant number of individuals follow brands via web-based media than follow big names, on Instagram alone, 80% of individuals follow in any business event. The majority of you here are as of now using web-based media as a feature of your exertion of developing your business. There are a few …

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5 Tips to Improve Business and IT Alignment


For quite some time now, technology has been a big part of the business. Now, more than ever before, the advancements in technology have been influencing how we perform different business activities. For that reason, it is of the utmost importance that your IT department and your business goals align. Despite the IT sector being the primary driving force of a business, many companies still have trouble achieving the alignment. Moreover, only about a tenth of IT leaders have reported genuinely feeling like a part of the business. Given that business and IT working in harmony is a prerequisite for …

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Top 10 Tips For Hiring a Good SEO Company for Your Business

SEO concept

SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it has been a key factor in making businesses profitable. No matter what sort of business you are running, you need a website in order to access a great customer base. A website is a platform where you can showcase your services and products, and tell the world what you can provide them. When it comes to online businesses, everything depends on search engine optimization. SEO is a digital marketing technique that helps businesses grow in the online market. It is a key strategy to make your website appear higher on search engines. …

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Essential Steps to Marketing Your MLM Business Online

Multi-level marketing business concept

MLM businesses have been slightly hesitant in deploying online means for their business purposes. This was due to the culmination of user inconvenience and sheer ignorance of business owners to jump on the ongoing trends. But now, the times have changed drastically. Online platforms have garnered enormous reach today and it is about time that more and more MLM ventures leverage online means. Online platforms have emerged as the next best thing that can help businesses in enhancing their reach and improving their business prospects. Be it the promotion of online selling business, a physical location promotion, or direct selling …

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The Ultimate Business Stationery Print Checklist

office supplies

Whether your business has just taken a flight, or it has been soaring high for a while now, there are a few essentials that you absolutely need while you take your flight of success. Printed stationery is one of those essentials. The key isn’t to have a great number of printed items, but items that are printed with a great design. While printed stationery may not seem to hold much importance, we need to remember that in many scenarios, it not only portrays your professionalism but also leaves an impression of your business. Good or bad? That depends upon how …

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This might be the reason your business isn’t succeeding


Regarding entrepreneurship, the number of failing people is equivalent to that of successful ones. Statistics point out that up to 50% of startup companies fail within the first 5 years. A true entrepreneur considers a business failure a milestone in his career path. He will learn from his mistakes and apply his experience to start a new company. However, why don’t you learn from other people’s failures and try to avoid them when building your own business? In this article, we are going to reveal to you the top 10 reasons why a business is not succeeding, and popular mistakes …

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