How to setup remote desktop connection using Chrome Browser


I don’t know about you, but I personally have a PC I use to work at home and a notebook I carry for mobile working. Having two computers used to be a hassle, because sometimes, if I forgot to back up my file on cloud storage on my PC, then I have no way to access that file on my notebook, and vice versa. I even considered to get rid of my PC, but while it’s not really a practical gadget, I still prefer to work with it at home because it has better spec than my notebook. So I …

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How to Sync bookmarks across Browsers


We all have our favorite browser. For example, I love using Firefox for my laptop – because it’s my first browser, and I just love it for some reason. However, I find out that I dislike using Firefox in my phone because somehow it makes my phone slower. So, I have to use Chrome on my Android. My friend loves Chrome for his desktop, but on his iPhone, he can’t be bothered to install new browser other than Safari, because it works just fine. It shouldn’t be a big deal, except sometimes you want to find a website that you …

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