How to Read iTunes Book on PC


When you’ve paid money for a book, or even taken advantage of a free offer, you deserve to read it at your convenience. Convenience might mean reading a book on your PC, although you downloaded it on your iPhone or iPad. Apple encrypts iTunes electronics books so that you cannot read them without the iBook’s software. When you want to transfer these files to the PC, you need to find ways of reading these books. But that is the second part of the puzzle. The first part is transferring the books; iTunes is usually sufficient for this. Apple locks the …

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Digital book as the best gift


The invention of printing changed the world once and for all. Manuscripts receded into the past, and it became possible to publish numerous editions of books. For several centuries humanity has benefited from the invention, but it’s time to change this world. People stepped into the 21st century with an electronic book. Not surprising that reading devices today are popular with different people. We can meet a respectable man with an e-book in the hands and frivolous young lady, a pupil and a student. It seems that we are already accustomed to digital reading, and we do not remember not …

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