The Basics of Internet Marketing

online-marketing concept

Marketing, as a fast-paced industry, has to follow the trend. Therefore, when internet became widely and publicly available, marketers need to up their game so they won’t lose to competitors. Internet marketing gains popularity, not only for business owners who wants to market their products or services to more customers, but also for individuals who want to establish a business without a product of their own. Blogging, vlogging, paid-reviewing, endorsing, and many new ways to gain income from marketing became a job that can pay even more than full-time job. If you are interested to be one of those million-dollars …

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The Basics of Social Network Marketing


Social network marketing, also often called social media marketing, is essential for any business – small or big – that wants to survive in this increasingly-connected world. In big companies, job position opened specifically to maintain marketing through social media. Small business stays relevant in the industry, even thriving, because of social network marketing. If you’re a business owner, looking for a chance to promote your business, social network marketing will suit you better than you think. It’s arguably cheap, and wonderfully effective. You may wonder if it’s possible for you to understand, ‘social network marketing manager’ sounds sophisticated. But, …

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