Android vs iOS Development: Which Platform is better?

Android and ios

Mobile app development is now the fastest-growing sector in software production. When it comes to a business app, deciding whether to go for Android or iOS (Apple) depends on certain factors such as your target audience, revenue model, market share, customization, desired app features, etc. We compiled statistics on these factors to help you choose — android vs iOS. You must first determine which operating system you are going to choose: iOS or Android before requesting a quote from a mobile app development company. Identifying your app’s target market is the first step in dealing with the “Android Apps vs. …

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Cleaner For Android


Smartphones have brought a revolutionary change and have shaped the world as we see it now. They have taken an irreplace position in our daily lives and most of us can’t even imagine a world without them. They are responsible for the way we communicate, the way we commute, perceive information, eat our food, take precautions and even calculate risks. What can you not do through a smartphone? If you have answers, wait for some time and maybe there will be an app in near future even for that. With time, technology has been growing at an exponential rate. The …

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How to Sync bookmarks across Browsers


We all have our favorite browser. For example, I love using Firefox for my laptop – because it’s my first browser, and I just love it for some reason. However, I find out that I dislike using Firefox in my phone because somehow it makes my phone slower. So, I have to use Chrome on my Android. My friend loves Chrome for his desktop, but on his iPhone, he can’t be bothered to install new browser other than Safari, because it works just fine. It shouldn’t be a big deal, except sometimes you want to find a website that you …

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