Switch Between MacOS and Windows 10 — Ease the OS Transition with these Few Steps

Even till now, it’s hard to decide which operating system is the best for worldwide users. Many individuals consider Windows operating systems way better than macOS because it’s more reliable and easy to update. But, both of these operating systems offer advanced features and applications for the user’s convenience. Though you might own a MacBook for performing certain business-related tasks, sometimes it becomes necessary to use Windows applications.

In these circumstances, Mac users can simply switch to Windows OS without investing in new hardware. Apple has incorporated a few effective tools that can easily help users transition from one operating system to another.

And, do you know you can run Windows 10 and Mac OS X simultaneously on a MacBook? Yes! All you need to do is activate the Boot Camp tool from the Mac devices; that’s it!

Need to know more about Boot Camp activation? Well, there are different ways through which the users can switch between these two partitions. But, make sure to have the latest version of Boot Camp before initiating these two operating system’s transition process. Here, we mention a few easy steps to switch from macOS to Windows 10 with this tool.

How to Get Windows 10 on Mac using Boot Camp?

You might find plenty of applications over the internet to access Windows OS from Mac devices. But for using that software, you have to pay. However, every Mac user can use the Boot Camp tool, and it’s absolutely free, safe and easy to use.

It comes with a shared Dropbox/Google Drive/OneDrive folder that helps MacOS users transfer large-sized files quickly. And, if the data transfer process suddenly stops, make sure to contact the MacBook repair Dubai experts.

Basic Requirements

But, before using this Mac-integrated tool, make sure to check the system requirements. The older version of macOS doesn’t support Windows 10. Additionally, in Mac devices, it’s necessary to have at least 2 GB of RAM and 30 GB of hard drive space. Or else, you might face hindrance while running the Boot Camp application properly.

Do you have a flash drive? No! Then, opt for buying a 16 GB flash drive; that’s important. Because Boot Camp creates a bootable drive for the Windows 10 installation using flash drives.

Start with Installing Windows 10 using Boot Camp!

Before we proceed to the installation process, it’s requested to tackle a backup of the essential files of the MacBook. Though Boot Camp is safe to use, anything can go wrong while partitioning the hard drive.

Therefore, it will always be a good idea to protect the device from unwanted data loss. Now, every Mac user needs to download the latest version of Windows on their systems. While rebooting the Mac devices, the users can choose whether they want to use macOS or Windows.

The device starts to access the Boot Camp Assistant tool by going to the Utilities folder. Unable to find the Utilities folder? Then, go to the “Applications” list first, and then search for Utilities. Right after that, Boot Camp will prompt you to take a backup of the required files. You can skip this option if you have previously transferred the required data to a USB drive.

Consider Storing File in Boot Drive

The Mac users will be directed to a window where they have to choose a specific task. Only choose the list of tasks that you want the Boot Camp tool to complete. After checking the required boxes, tap on the “Continue” button. But before that, it’s important to plug in the flash drive properly.

Can you see the “Windows 10 ISO location” option? Consider tapping on that, and then go with the “USB drive” and “Continue” options respectively. Boot Camp will then start creating a boot drive of the necessary files. It might take a while to complete this process wait until then. Don’t open any other applications, as it can affect the boot drive creation.

Steps to Switch from Mac OS X to Windows

Once you restore the system files in the boot drive, you have to follow a few more steps. Initially, the Mac users need to head towards the “System Preferences” section. From there, choose the “Startup Disk utility” option and start looking for the “Windows on BOOTCAMP” partition then. Don’t forget to tap on the “Restart” option, and then choose the “Restart in Windows” option.

The device might take a few minutes to switch from macOS to Windows. And, if the Mac device does not switch to Windows OS after the reboot, take professional help. Contact with a renowned Macbook repair Dubai expert, they can help you with this OS transition.

Steps to Switch from Windows to macOS

If you are using a Windows device and want to switch to the Mac OS X, first install Boot Camp. After the installation, go to the “System Tray” and find the “Boot Camp” icon. Right-click on it, and then opt for the “Restart in Mac OS” option from the drop-down menu.

A pop-up message will display on the screen indicating to start the device to macOS. Within a minute, the device will restart and you can use useful Mac applications, like Calendar for easy work management.

Is there any Other Way to Switch between macOS and Windows 10?

Yes! Without using Boot Camp, you can still switch between macOS and Windows 10. There are a few virtualisation programs that can help Mac users to run Windows 10. Applications like macOS App Switcher or Mac Dock can let macOS users access the Windows applications. Moreover, there are virtual machines like VMware and Parallels that are specially designed for a smooth transition between these two OS.

But these devices are pretty expensive and can drain the device’s battery and performance. As a result, the users will end up spending a considerable amount of money on MacBook repair Dubai expenses. So, use Boot Camp; that’s the easiest and most effective way to convert from macOS to Windows.

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