5 Steps To Get Quality Backlinks For Your Website Today

The creation of a presence online requires you to create visibility for yourself. What that means is that you should have a certain amount of traffic on your website. Traffic on your website is the main thing when you talk about ranking on the search pages. That’s why those advertisements and pop-ups on various websites say hey look at here now for Search Engine Marketing Orange County, New York, Mumbai, Paris, etc. They want to sell you the service of SEO because they know that it’s what matters for your business.

However, it’s not necessary that you should opt for those services or buy the SEO marketing packages. It’s your choice to opt for it or not. If you don’t opt for the services of the specialized agencies it doesn’t mean your website would be dried of traffic. The only thing it means is that you have to take steps and plan on your own to get the best of the traffic. One effective way of doing this is backlinks. Yes, backlinks are an effective way to get traffic and rank your website high on search rankings. Now, before you ask what that is (considering that you are hearing it the first time) we are going to tell all about it right here right now. So, just hang in here for some time.



A backlink is basically a link or what we say a hyperlink that directs the user from one website to another. Backlinking becomes important to rank high on search results as Google which is kind of the rule setter and boss of the domain gives it preference. Through backlinking if one website connects with another website then Google considers it as a sign of noteworthy content. That’s why getting good quality backlinks is crucial as it could help you get higher rankings and visibility on the search pages.

Having talked about the backlinks it is important to discuss about the 2 types of backlinks that are there. To approach the backlinks to raise your rankings you must know the difference between the two.

  • No-Follow Backlinks: This kind of backlink carries a nofollow tag in the URL. This tag tells the search engine like Google to ignore the link. Thus, though they are used to create a connect it only benefits one website, and the other gains nothing. It is like mentioning the website because content on your website needs it but without allowing them the benefit of your content and page ranking.
  • Do-follow Backlinks: These are opposite to the no-follow ones. You can use them to add to the SEO rankings as they add value to the website. However, the website from which your website gets a direct through gets more preference as per Google’s algorithm. Further, the Do-follow links come with a trap. Many malicious websites offer do-follow links which have the capacity to get your website blocked and bring damage. So, it is something you should be careful about and should not run for all the do-follow links that you get.

Quality Backlinks

As we have got the idea about backlinks and their types (which is important) it’s time we discuss how to get them. That is what are the ways through which we can get quality backlinks for our website. From our study, we have found these 5 best ways. Check them:

  • Guest Posts: This is one of the most simplest and effective way to create good quality backlinks for your website. Guest posts are basically blogs or similar kinds of content that you write on someone else’s website. There are many such websites that call for the contribution of guest posts and invite you to write for them. You can give them content and they would provide you effective backlinks for your website. Here the trick is to pick the right kind of website that suits nature and search for your business. You can easily find them on Google with basic research.
  • Use Social Power: Social media is such a force these days that you can’t ignore it for anything. When it comes to getting quality backlinks the social media can serve you the deal. Here you can follow the social media pages of popular websites that match the industry and niche of your business. Do good research on their website and content and add similar quality on your web pages. Post that you can connect with them and discuss how you share a similar thought on your website like that. Never, go and ask for the backlinks straight away that is not a professional and apt way to approach.
  • Prepare List: A simple and smart way is to build a list of quality websites. You can use any link builder tool or website and search for the top 50-60 links from your niche domain. Now, you would say would this do the task? The answer is yes as quality is more important than quantity and this is important here too. A niche website would serve the purpose much better than wandering for 500 websites.
  • Research On Competitors: To get the idea about some good quality backlinks a tried and tested way is to check the backlink profile of your competitors. There are many quality tools and websites online where you can search for the backlink profile of other websites. The backlink profile search would be of great help. First, it would provide you a direct clarity about the standard of your website in comparison to the competitor. Second, you would get a huge insight into the resources to get good quality backlinks.
  • Enrich Content: Very common but highly ignored aspect of the game of digital marketing. Content is the king is something we hear all the time. However, we forget about it when it comes to implementation. To get the traffic and to get backlinks you should have something for which the user must stop and watch. So, as a first thing, you should do research of content on your web pages and try and boost its quality and not focus only on quantity and stuffing.

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