Steps to follow when your Peel smart remote app isn’t working

One of the widely used smart remote apps, Peel, has enabled users to control their smart devices using their Android phone. While this was hard to imagine a few years ago, but Peel has pioneered remote technology and transformed the android phone into a universal remote. It works on IR-blaster along with utilizing Wi-Fi for connecting the smart devices with the remote app.

Peel is one of the simplest yet powerful smart remote apps that comes with an easy-to-install and user-friendly interface. Users can control their TV, home theatre, set-top box, streaming boxes, etc. For TV, Peel smart remote app offers an intelligent TV guide feature to enhance the television viewer’s experience.

But suddenly the remote app stops working. Then what?

Sometimes, even when you have correctly installed the app, it might not work because of external issues that went unnoticed. You can consider trying the following steps for fixing problems with the remote app’s functionality.

  • Check for IR on the phone – It is essential to determine whether your phone has IR-blasters or not. Since the Peel smart remote app is based on IR-blasters, their unavailability or even temporary failure may cause the remote app to malfunction. If you’ve determined that your phone has IR-blasters, check whether it is functioning properly or not. For that, take another phone, open the front camera and point the phone with the smart remote app to that camera. With that done, tap any button the smart remote app and if a purple light blinks on the camera, it suggests that the IR blaster is fine.
  • Determine your phone’s compatibility – The Peel smart remote app is only compatible with devices that have IR-blasters. The app uses the IR blasters to send signals to the smart devices and their unavailability might make your phone incompatible with the app. The thing is, not all phones are IR enabled. To check if your phone has IR blaster or not, read this list. Another option is to connect your android phone and smart devices to the same Wi-Fi network for controlling them.
  • Set up the application again – Sometimes, you may not be able to control the devices even after you’ve successfully set up the smart remote app. If you’re sure that you have configured it right and it still isn’t working, you might have to set up the application again. For this, open the application manager in your Android phone’s settings and go to the Peel smart remote app. Select the app and clear cache and data. The next step is to force stop the application which will clear all the remains of the data. Once this is done, restart your phone and go to the Peel smart remote and reconnect all your devices. This should start the remote app.
  • Check for button functionality – After installing the application and configuring it according to the guide, point the Android phone towards the smart device to control it. Tap the buttons to confirm that the buttons are functioning properly. But sometimes you may find that the buttons are not working properly or they are not working at all. In this case, Peel comes in to help you troubleshoot the problem. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click on “Troubleshoot Remote”. This will prompt you to tap on the buttons that aren’t functioning and from there, you will be guided to take several tests on the remote for checking the status of the buttons. Once you’ve followed the steps that were asked you to do, the problem must be resolved immediately and your remote app buttons should start functioning again.

Sometimes when the remote stops working, you might think that this because of a virus on your phone. This is not the case on most occasions. Before you jump to any conclusion about the smart remote app, try following the aforementioned steps to confirm whether it’s the remote or any external virus that has affected the app.

If you are still facing problems with the Peel smart remote app, you can go to the help page.

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