How to Bypass Social Media Dangers for Kids


Buying teens a digital device can be a bad omen nowadays. Why is it so? We have figured out and conducted a survey of teens where we came up with informative analysis. The reports reveal that teens have become active on social media platforms, but this is not in their favors at all. Sexting, pornography and another unwanted content are commonly available on Tumbler, Facebook and other dating sites. Teens should be kept away from such material, but they are deeply engaged in sharing this, their personal data, photos and even family information too. This is definitely a sign of …

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Impact Of Internet On Entertainment


Almost every aspect of life is touched by internet. Internet sector has also influenced the entertainment sector. Entertainment is an activity, which provides a diversion or permits people to amuse themselves in leisure time. Entertainment industry is a part of tertiary sector of the economy and includes a large number of sub industries devoted to entertainment. It is also known as showbiz. Overview According to Oxford dictionary entertainment means an activity, event, performance, design to entertain other people. Entertainment is an item, which is exported over the borders through internet. Internet creates essential pre condition for renewing and developing ways …

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E- learning – The Future of Education


The internet is indeed a boon to the world and has its presence in almost every aspect of life. Internet has changed the traditional learning system. Education via internet is called e learning. E learning is a right mix of information, knowledge distribution and presentation of learning programmes for students or individuals in a creative manner-using internet. E-learning enables people to learn from anywhere and anytime. Initially e-learning industry never got much attention as it got in the recent times. It is growing at an increasing rate. The online education is set to be a boon with e-commerce players beginning …

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The Importance of Women Empowerment in India and How to Achieve It


Empowerment of Women is about helping them to stand on their own feet, help them take decisions in their life without any restriction of relatives or the society.  This topic of women empowerment has been one of the most blazing and generally discussed issues worldwide including our own country for many years. The issue of gender biasness and gender discrimination has been given the utmost priority even by the United Nations. In India, women are treated badly in every field be it political, social, education, sports and technology and innovation.  Thus, it is essential that they are empowered to be …

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Extreme Sports and Its Differences and Similarities from the Traditional Sports


Extreme sports are a generalized term used for specific activities that are perceived as having an extreme level of danger while performing those activities.  The activities in extreme sports consist of speed, altitude, strenuous physical exertion and very specialized gear. Although the definition of extreme sport has not been fully defined and the origin of these sports are also yet not clear but extreme sports were very popular in the early 1990s. During this year it was picked by many commercial companies and marketing companies. Also with the origin of X Games and Extreme Sports Channel and their website these …

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How Technology is Vital for Progressive Education

Electronic Education

The way we live today has certainly changed into several folds owing to the rapid growth in technology. Hence, our lifestyle is totally redefined today as technology has converted different aspects of our life into today’s modern living. Without any doubt, in every sphere of our life, technology plays a vital role. It has enabled us to execute many ordinary and manual tasks easily in an automatic way. Besides, it is also possible for us to execute several critical and complex processes with efficiency and ease through the usage of modern technology. With this kind of enormous effects of technology, …

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The Amalgamation of Technology and Education


The education system is progressing towards a huge transformation. Now, schools are implementing one-to-one initiatives in which every student has been given a laptop for better understanding of the concepts that are being taught in the school. There are many schools who already have a 1:1 program, but they are now looking for new ways to shape up the learning process. With the advent of modern and impressive technology trends, the traditional classrooms are becoming more advanced and a better learning place for the students. The use of robotics, wearables and makerspaces will help students understand the difficult concepts in …

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Why Affiliate Marketing is Important in Traditional and Digital Marketing?


The Internet has changed the world of marketing. In the past it was some newspapers and some advertisement that were the source for marketing, but when the Internet first came into existence, this concept has changed. Now companies and products are known just because they are popular online. There are many companies that provide online marketing services to the companies and customers all over the world and these services are very popular among the world. For any product or any kind of service, it is very important that you have your SEO and other such tools intact. Online platform is …

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