09 Ways to Boost Your Content Marketing Game


Marketing is the magical golden lamp for the success of any business- from fledgling start-ups to successful enterprises. However, what makes all the difference is how you sell your content. The key to a flourishing business encompasses innovative content creation and the strategy to accessorize that content to sell. Even …

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Does Having A Mobile-Friendly Website Affect SEO?


Considering that more than half of searches are coming from mobile devices, having a mobile-friendly website becomes a necessity. And it’s not only in theory. Google has been shifting its focus to a mobile-friendly aspect for a long time already. It has become a significant consideration for any business that …

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How To Remove Forgotten Password From PST File Outlook?

Recover outlook PST File Password

User Query: Hello! Recently, I’ve been working with a large number of PST files to store my organization’s emails, documents, and so on. To keep the data safe, I encrypted them using a password, a different password for every file. I’ve forgotten the passwords for these PST files. Can someone …

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How Will Android 11 Features Impact Your Mobile Application?


The fame of Android OS by GOOGLE for mobile is no secret. As two mainstream OS in mobile devices: Android and IOS, the majority of people prefer Android because it is easier and convenient to use. And when we look into Android, it has a different version, each succussing version …

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Top 8 Tools Used By Data Analysts In 2021


Data is not a new word. It’s been in the market for ages, but the use of data has increased many folds now. From decision making to manufacturing to even finances, data is used almost everywhere to make informed decisions. If you look at the figures, nearly 2.5 Quintillion bytes …

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Android vs iOS Development: Which Platform is better?

Android and ios

Mobile app development is now the fastest-growing sector in software production. When it comes to a business app, deciding whether to go for Android or iOS (Apple) depends on certain factors such as your target audience, revenue model, market share, customization, desired app features, etc. We compiled statistics on these …

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5 Essential Predictions on How Blockchain Could Change The World


Thinking about how blockchain could change your life? We have news for you. It is changing our lives right now. Your online banking, tour operator, or favorite online store probably has already implemented distributed ledger in their business. Not just because it’s a global trend, but mainly because blockchain can …

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What Is Code Quality? How to Improve Code Quality in Website Design


What is code quality? Quality is just an adjective as usual. Code quality means high quality code and poor-quality code. The bad or good is entirely subjective here. Here different term has been used on the programming context. Code quality is the medium to communicate with the end users. Quality …

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