How good is guest blogging for your blog


The answer is, it’s probably the best marketing strategy for your blog. It’s not just good. It’s the best. Many website or blog owners with commercial purpose usually has one goal for their blog: to be able to monetize their …

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How to Sync bookmarks across Browsers


We all have our favorite browser. For example, I love using Firefox for my laptop – because it’s my first browser, and I just love it for some reason. However, I find out that I dislike using Firefox in my …

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How to fix wp-config corrupt file issue in WordPress


Every job comes with risk. Being a blogger isn’t an exception. Have you ever experience any malfunction in your blog, ranging from small inconvenience like how some features suddenly won’t load to big mess up that makes you unable to …

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Paid Marketing Metrics You Should Measure


Every brand that has an online presence and works with actions of relationship and sales on the internet needs the metrics of paid digital marketing. These indicators represent the analytical part of the campaigns, that is, they point to what …

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Attract top talent with an employment branding strategy


Believe it or not, marketing is the most important thing to consider when we are talking about attracting top talents. Actually, that is the most important part of the entire branding strategy and the entire business world, so why wouldn’t …

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