Detailed Review of OverPlay VPN Provider and Its Services

OverPlay is a reputable Virtual Private Network provider, which gives its users an opportunity to protect their data, become an anonym user and get an access to the content in restricted areas. This company has about 62 servers in 48 locations, which make it be a choice of many Internet users around the world. In general, this service is reliable, speedy and useful.

Installation and working process is extremely easy if we talk about OverPlay. You can start using VPN in several clicks with this company, and if you need any help, you can find the instructions in Support Center. In general, OverPlay VPN trial is a good way to understand whether this VPN is suitable for you.


This company offers you an opportunity to connect to different devices and benefit from Virtual Private Network usage. OverPlay provides you with anonymity, but it also keeps your logs for a certain period of time. More information about this can be found at their website. In addition to that, this company has a professional support team. They are ready to answer all your questions and solve different issues. Maybe they will not reply you the very same minute you write to them, but you will receive an email from them during 12 hours.

This provider works with 128-bit data encryption, and it is the most optimal variant we should say. It does not provide you with the highest level protection, but the higher it is the longer it takes to transmit data and the more time you are to wait for the page to load.

Advantages and Disadvantages of OverPlay

Pros: OverPlay will offer you a diverse system of servers, which gives you an opportunity to get secured access to data in a bigger number of areas. It works with the high speed and it gives users an opportunity to surf the Internet with comfort. The process of installation is easy and quick so that you will get immediate access to protected Internet connection.

Cons: OverPlay prefer to use SSL to more advanced TSL for the encryption and this influences the security of their service. It is not of the highest level, but company compromises it for the sake of speed. Customer support is a bit slow, as you can wait for their reply for about 10-14 hours.



To sum up, we give you short conclusion about positive and negative sides of OverPlay.


  • Easy to install the software;
  • Friendly interface;
  • Good customer support;
  • Good speed;
  • Reliable connection;
  • Affordable prices;
  • Variety of servers to choose from;
  • Assurance of user’s security;
  • Compatibility with different OS and devices;
  • Possibility to use it on Xbox.


  • Company does not offer money back guarantee, and it makes some customers feel unsafe;
  • Variety of payment methods, but there is no PayPal among them;
  • No Wire Transfer option.

Overall, this VPN provider is an optimal choice for many users, as it has a variety of services for affordable price.

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