Online Video Editing Is Now Much More Fun, Flexclip Is One Of The Best Places

There are always many things that are very useful in the internet world, which can also apply to video editing activities. One of them comes from, where this site offers quite interesting tools for this activity, even easy for anyone to do, including free of charge.

This can be one of the solutions for you who want a fast video editing process, and you don’t even need to do the software installation process to get started. Curious? Let’s break it down in more detail below.

Flexclip, what we know so far

Flexclip Video Maker

The main idea behind the creation of Flexclip, Video Tools which is present online and developed by PearlMountain Limited, is to simplify the video production process, which is usually quite complicated to do. As a result, it seems that anyone, even those who are considered beginners, can do editing activities.

Of course, that’s because they provide many facilities that are quite fun, starting from the very many templates, even the results you get can instantly appear on your desk. In addition to that, the convenience provided by Flexclip is an easy-to-understand interface where you can start video editing activities as if you don’t need an expert’s reference.

And it turns out, all of these things can be available for free, where you only need to register yourself as a member, although you can also do without it. In essence, any video editing process through Flexclip really provides many benefits for users, even though this software has limitations.

How To Get Started?

Interested in? You can go to the website to get these video editing tools. Here, you can start your first video format project by selecting the “Getting Started” option. However, if you need other options, you can register your email account first.

After you start, you can choose the “New” option, and a large number of video templates will be displayed on the site, from the best templates to the special options that match your field of work.

Choose a template where you can preview it first to see what nuances are offered from the template you choose. Then, if you are sure, you can edit it wholeheartedly by clicking the edit button.

When you enter the editing stage, Flexclip provides users with many useful features, although it is still considered a simple choice. Some options are:

Text & Logo: This feature is for editing any text or logo that you want on the template you have chosen. You can even upload your own logo by uploading the options provided.

Video Editing

Then the Storyboard, where you can see several parts and the number of videos provided in the template. You can also add your own storyboard so that the duration and story presented can be much more interesting. You can also set which video options will be saved at the beginning, middle or end in the storyboard section.

Media Player Extra feature: The presence of a media player is, of course, very important to show how the video results you want to display. And not only that, but they also provide some extra features, including audio recording to add your signature sound.

Other additional features are also available, including default music options that you can change according to your wishes and the volume level provided. Yes, they also provide a watermark and a variety of ratio options, which can bring obvious benefits to users.

And when you are finished with your first video editing process, you can immediately download it automatically via the Export Video button. Here, Flexclip offers different resolution levels, from 480p to 1080p options. Unfortunately, there is no extra format offered by these tools, where the default choice is MP4.


Online Video Editing can now provide its own convenience for users, including what Flexclip can offer. Many things are very fun for you, including a huge selection of templates, even available in images with various themes for free.

Only, this online software seems more specifically for casual users with limited choices. This means that there is no extra space for professional users to do far more extreme things, including very limited effects features.

But for those of you who just want a casual video editing space without the hassle of going through a lot of hassle, then what Flexclip has to offer can be ideal and even be one of the best places to start. Don’t hesitate to share this article with your family or friends!

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