Network Marketing Books – Best Reads on Multi-Level Marketing

The best investment is investment you made for yourself. Spending thousands to millions dollar in education is worth the knowledge and skill you get, that separates you from other people who don’t study the same thing. Paying hundreds dollar for training from an expert in an industry is worth the insight they gain from years of experience.

However, education can be costly and not all people can afford it. Some people aren’t born with golden spoon on their mouth, some people were used to be rich but now a single parent with three children who has to depend on government’s social benefit. If you are included in this group, however, you don’t have to give up. There are plenty of education materials you can get in the internet for free. They mostly contain basic material, but are still valuable. Beside internet, a more reliable source you can get knowledge and insight from is a book. A book is always the first gate to know more about something.

Here I’ve listed five best books in network marketing. Expert marketers who have been winning the game for years wrote this, so the information provided inside has been proven to work. If you’re looking for a guide about network marketing, these books are where you should start. And, even if you’re not exactly new to network marketing, these successful marketer’s experience and insight are worth to read.

Your First Year in Network Marketing by Mark Yarnell

The moment you open the book, Mark will present you with the answer of why most network marketing fails. This is followed with insights and practical advice to address that fail, so you won’t have to repeat the failures that many marketers have made before. Mark continues to address many problems a first year network marketer face: fear, reluctance to call, family that is not supporting, facing rejection, and so many others.

The hardest part is the beginning, and network marketing isn’t an exception. The first year is the year of fear and what-ifs, the year of rude rejection and hurtful ridicule. However, with this book, Mark Yarnell will guide you to face network marketing with head held high, chin up, so you can charge ahead without fear and doubt, and can handle rejection and turn it into a success. Definitely a must-read for everyone starting network marketing.

Raising a Giant: A Books about Network Marketing by Bob Crisp

Raising a Giant is considered a classic in network marketing book. In the era when there is no cell phone, much alone internet, Bob managed to build an organization with over 250.000 membership, proving that in marketing, it’s not the tools that matters, but the strategy.

As a marketer, Bob has reached the top of the game only to fall again far below. The real winner, however, is the one who stand until the end, and of course Bob is the winner. He built his network again, steadily climbed the slope, and once again stood at the top. All of his experience and insight – how he started networking, how he built his success, how he led his people – are all explained in humorous yet wise paradox.

Mark Yarnell, the author of the previous book we recommended, even said that this book is one of his inspirations.

The Greatest Networker in the World by John Milton Fogg

This is another classic, vouched by Richard Poe, author of another good book in network marketing Wave 3. John Milton wrote this masterpiece in 90s, but it’s still relevant until today. The book told a “story” about a young man who is about to quit network marketing because of many reasons – low success, too much effort, and so on. This is very relatable for network marketer who is feeling rather weary and burned out from their job. This young man met someone called the greatest networker in the world, who taught him how to conquer network marketing.

This book is very enjoyable to read, but also filled with wisdom about marketing. At one point in the book, the greatest networker in the world asked the young man to unlearn all the traditional marketing way, because network marketing is a new way of doing business and doesn’t fit the traditional model. Just like what the young man did, you should unlearn yours too and start anew with John Milton’s teaching in this book.

Business of 21st Century by Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki is probably more famous for his personal finance book Rich Dad Poor Dad, however, his newer book Business of 21st Century deserves to be as popular as the first. In this book Kiyosaki shows how there are two types of people: those who work for wealth, and those whose wealth works for them. Robert show how network marketing is a solution for the first type of people to transform into the second type, and he even include a guide on how to start a home business.

Kiyosaki being Kiyosaki, this book still has powerful insight about personal finance. As a network marketer, reading this book will change how you see money and work.

You Can Have It All by Mary Kay Ash

If you ever feel like losing all kind of hopes in your network marketing career, you must read this book. Mary Kay Ash, the most popular woman entrepreneur out there, started her success in network marketing while she was a single mother supporting three children. Not only her story will inspire you, in this book Mary Kay will also show you how she did it.

Mary Kay can have it all by following her priorities – God, family, and career, exactly in that order. She showed how one doesn’t have to give up his or her God and family to be rich and successful. Not only that, Mary Kay even showed you how doing good and charitable thing – like what she did by empowering thousands of women with her business – strengthen your game instead of slowing it down. It’s the reason why she is not only one of the leading entrepreneurs in the world, but also a happy woman with a fulfilling life.

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