Top 12 Mobile App Startup Ideas for Entrepreneurs in 2021

Approximately 7 billion mobile users were recorded to spend time on mobile, while the number is anticipated to rise to 7.26 billion by 2022. However, in 2025, The number of mobile users can increase to 7.49 billion. Today, almost everything is just a click from you, thanks to the mobile apps for bringing the facility to one’s life. However, more people are inclined towards mobile app development with their innovative startup ideas. Saying that the demand of developers has been increased, especially on-demand delivery app developers have become the most demanded in the present digital market.

We will discuss 12 mobile app startup ideas that could help you start your own business. Then, let’s discuss some best app development ideas for bringing greater scope in the future.


1. Food Delivery App

In the modern era, food delivery services have enabled us to make calls to our favorite restaurants to place an order, eliminating the frustration of standing in the queue and waiting for your turn. This trend has leveraged the audience via various types of food anytime and anywhere. Moreover, we people are also leveraged to have preferred payment options which add another ease to people.

Undoubtedly, your foodie audience always seeks delicious food to satisfy their craving, so food delivery app development would be one of the best startup ideas as it is in higher demand nowadays.

2. Transportation App

Transportation apps like Uber support everyone worldwide to move from places-to-places hassle-freely. Such apps offer certified drivers who on-time pick you up and drop you off at your destination with your single click on the application.

This app type is getting popular worldwide as it has become people’s favorite app globally. Therefore, if you’re thinking of startup ideas, include a transportation app in the list to allow the customer base to book their ride conveniently and get a drop off anytime, anywhere on time.

3. E-learning Mobile App

Offer innovative means of education to a new generation through mobile apps. The rise in educational apps and portals was recorded during the pandemic when covid-19 forced shut everyplace including educational institutes and business, offices, shopping stores and whatsoever. Post-2020, many educations apps came into being comprising informative video clips, eBooks, e-Library, different courses, etc. These apps motivate students with trending and modern learning techniques.

The immediate advantages of the e-learning app are 24/7 Access, effective collaboration among parent-teacher-student through communication options, saving time, offers a comprehensive and systematic approach and the rest. A decent android or iPhone app development agency could help integrate these features effortlessly.

4. Online Fashion Store

Who doesn’t love fashion? Who doesn’t want to look classy and glamorous at events or parties? Online fashion stores have transformed the way we shop in person. As everything is just a click away, online shopping stores also facilitated you to select, add in cart and order your products.

As covid has traumatized the word, and still people worldwide consider cautions to prevent the spread of the covid, online fashion store app eliminates the need to go and shop in-person, which ultimately saves you from crowds. This online fashion store offers more variety of products, convenience while shopping as every available thing lists in one place, saving your time and energy.

5. Grocery Delivery App

The grocery delivery app has made a special place in the heart of homemakers and restaurant chefs. Sometimes you face a shortage of kitchen items while your guests wait in the guest room. You start a panic, rights? Yeah, the pressure is real. Stay calm and entertain your guests who might come from far to see you, as the grocery delivery app delivers every item you need in your kitchen within minutes.

Therefore, your business is likely to gain profit in terms of recurring and scheduled orders, secure payment options, enhanced marketing opportunities, advanced customer booking for products, save time, and offer convenience in carrying out your business operations.

6. Language Learning App

The world is evolving swiftly, and so are people globally. Saying that different countries are in excellent interaction with each other and enjoying the high of relationships. This collaboration needs to grow countries where language acts as a medium to communicate. Language learning apps help build positive attitudes towards different nations.
Learning a new language helps in building relations with different and exciting people. Today, graduates cite foreign language courses in the colleges to build communication skills which will also help them find a job in abroad countries.

7. Augmented Reality App for Interior Designing

Building a dream house is a dream of everyone. Everyone wants to have a beautiful comfy house for their family. So, to design and shape virtually your house-to-be, the Augmented Reality app helps interior designers to build the architecture in the 3D 360-degree view of your house virtually.

AR app for interior designing offers better visualization, design editing abilities, better guidance, profitability, competitive edge, increased customer retention rate, better collaboration, and so on.

8. Voice Translation App

The post-covid world has gained the interest of tourists all around the world. Saying that tourists have made the voice translation companion for their journey. Voice translation app has eliminated the need of hiring a translator, which could cost you a thousand times than the translator.

Moreover, many companies like Facebook, Skype, eBay, etc., have integrated translation apps to enhance their interface and usability worldwide. Therefore, the demand for translation app is increasing rapidly.

9. Handyman App

As an online food delivery app, the handyman app offers on-demand handyman services useful for homeowners and landlords—this type of app help service consumer with household repairs, services, and maintenance. From the business perspective, customers can easily connect with expert professionals and help businesses deal with both sides.

10. Video Editing App

Undoubtedly, the world is at a rapid speed of transformation with technological advancement. However, in order to introduce technological advancement, marketing plays an important role, and for effective marketing, impactful videos play a significant role.

Large-scale companies use video editor apps that save their cost and time. A Video editor app help businesses boost productivity, visibility to the customer base, create appealing and impact-drawing videos to engage users and whatsoever. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, film and video editors make an average cost of $86,830 per year. It shows that why enterprises in bulk are considering video editor apps.

11. Communication App

Just like WhatsApp has become the most popular and widely used app in many countries, you can also build a mobile communication app with advanced features that the world has never seen before because that is the only law of the market “build different, stand prominent.”

Especially when a communication app is built for businesses, it assists in easy data sharing, effortless task management, more productive meetings, more employed Engagements, workforce performance tracking, improved business productivity, and the rest. In addition, communication apps simplify the business task and communication between teams, making the business office environment highly collaborative and healthy.

12. Social Media app

Social media app business establishes better and healthy relations with a wide-ranging audience. Such apps increase brand awareness to a colossal number of people globally. Social Media apps have set the bar high for business revenues.

Businesses that consider developing social media apps like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., are making enhanced revenues and enjoying the large user base. These apps take only some days to promote businesses and generate leads and excellent ROI.

In a Nut Shell

Hopefully, you may have now pinned your business startup idea with the above-discussed app startup ideas. Therefore, take a step forward to build your business app with better UI and UX and innovative features. Keep your users’ needs in front while developing a mobile app so you can make friendly, flexible, robust, and fast digital products.

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