How Has Microlearning Become a Scorching Hot Topic of Discussion?

How do you like absorbing all the information you may encounter via eLearning courses or apps?

Notably, each learner has a varied pace of learning. While some consumers prefer taking lessons in one go, most people favor studying in chunks called microlearning!

Is the term for real?

Indeed, it is, and fortunately, this article will precisely talk about why the concept is acquiring the limelight. So, let’s get started?

About Microlearning

How Has Microlearning Become a Scorching Hot Topic of Discussion

In simple words, microlearning refers to an educational mechanism that presents tiny learning units that involve only the necessary information. The objective behind the same is to help learners get a hold of the data and keep them hooked.

Don’t you think it is a concept already adopted by kids who are least interested in studying?


Learners are the happiest when they are not loaded with any burden, and microlearning is like the icing on the cake! The idea of the education providers is to emphasize one concept via one module for a better understanding in a short span.

Microlearning: A Trending Topic of Discussion!

Do you know how microlearning came into action?

Our fast-paced lives are one of the topmost reasons! Until the COVID-19 pandemic turned our lives upside down, students, corporate trainees, and other learners remained too occupied to emphasize learning concepts other than their regular activities. Therefore, these chunks of information were designed considering the busy lifestyle and to eliminate lengthy and boring notions.

Pros of Microlearning: Learn Big in Bite-Sized Quantity

Now that you’re familiar with the microlearning concept, here are a few top-notch benefits of the same because ‘little content at a time.’

– Enhanced On-the-Job Training

Is it really?

Microlearning improves on-the-job training since little information is provided to the learners at a time. For instance, try remembering the technical issues you encountered after downloading a software. It must have taken a lot of time to fix the issue, right? However, now the software is being leveraged with video tutorials that delivers the fix to any technical problem.

– Encourages Peer-to-Peer Learning

Don’t you think knowledge and information are easier to exchange via online platforms? It is another reason behind the rising popularity of microlearning!

Undoubtedly, we all have friends working in different organizations. Therefore, data can be shared with them for a better understanding and deepening of knowledge. The activity also gives rise to self-managed teams that may help boost employee confidence.

– Improved Engagement

Every individual wants to seek a unique experience that involves fun and interaction; therefore, the integration of media does the job quite well!

Online education delivered in chunks along with exciting activities, graphics, games, etc., eliminates the feeling of burnout or frustration. Isn’t it?

– Boosted Retention

Microlearning gives learners ample time to retain concepts that are unfamiliar to them. Don’t believe us?
According to research, learning done in intervals results in an improved retention rate and a better grasp of conception.

Forms of Microlearning

– Dedicated Microlearning Apps

Sure, microlearning might be a fresh concept for many; however, many of you might have encountered applications like ‘Word of the Day.’

Apps like these are popularly known for breaking down information integrated with games for delivering fun learning.

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– Instructional Videos

Nowadays, videos are a better source for understanding concepts, and it’s highly being used in classrooms as well.

For example, you ask?

You won’t deny the fact that YouTube is one of the best platforms for learning. The cherry on top is the ability to download them for offline use.

– Infographics

Don’t you think visual content is much more appealing and helps us remember precisely than simply reading from textbooks?

Therefore, infographics have a vital role to play! It comprises a visual chart amalgamated with important information in a simpler form. Additionally, these charts can be downloaded, shared, and printed hassle-free.

– Social Media

Have you come across social media accounts that deliver knowledge via their posts?

Unquestionably, social media is an exceptional manner for delivering microlearning content, and can be presented in various formats, including videos, images, etc.

To Sum Up: Microlearning is a Boon for the Learners!

Everything has a reason behind its popularity, and convenience is the one for microlearning. The concepts delivered with the help of the idea are relevant and top-notch that can help learners easily unveil new chunks of information every day.

It is beneficial for the learners and the organizations that are working towards the objective of offering microlearning via their apps.

While microlearning is one tremendous initiative for easing the burden of learners, there are other ways that can contribute to professional and personal growth.

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