Merits and Demerits of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Just like the coin search engine optimization also have two sides – advantages and disadvantages.

The biggest advantage of search engine optimization is that they are characterized by a very specific cost-benefit ratio. While search engine marketing or keyword advertising are associated with high costs, the SEO needs, however minimal in most cases no financial commitment. Therefore, this marketing strategy is particularly suitable for those online shops that are located for a short time in the industry, not to deal with the online action so long and perhaps still do not have a stable financial footing. For the young company is really hard to establish themselves on the internet because they are not yet known to the users and have a low capital to invest in costly online marketing strategies. Search engine optimization is an economical way to conquer the first top positions in the search engines and thereby in e-business to be successful.

Keyword advertising: a form of online advertising. With the help of relevant search terms (keywords) which, when providers (eg: Google Ad words) will be booked and then entered by users in the search box for the selected advertisement is issued. If the searcher clicks on the ad, then for a fee. The amount of the fee varies from a few cents to several Euros.

Demerits of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As problematic in SEO is the time until the optimization of the website leads to a visible result is considered. Often these claims a longer period of time, several weeks or even months. Paid advertising form, however, registered a matter of hour’s usually positive change in the online business development.

Also in this case one finds no clear answer, which is cost-effective. There are many external factors that may influence this decision, for example, the development of competition in camp or what keywords have chosen. Of these, the optimization process related might be a difficult birth probably depends. The price for Search engine marketing is a crucial variable determines whether you will increase its clientele with the help of SEO or rather with keyword advertising.

The most optimal solution would be a good estimated mixture of the two strategies that support each other to resolve the existing gaps within the search engines requirements for a top ranking successfully.

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