Mental Health Chatbot; A Savage Tech-Reply To Depression And Anxiety Issues

Chatbots apps; are supposed to handle customer support, elevate the sales funnel, and provide assistance around the clock. This is the major service area of chatbot…right?


Because chatbots have got much to offer on our tables, and one of the most engrossing benefits it has got to offer is in mental healthcare.

As we all know that technology is advancing and creating a whirlwind effect around us, and now in this race, chatbot technology has extended its wings in mental health support.

And in this blog read, we’re going to shed some light on the nitty-gritty of mental health chatbot.

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Why mental health chatbots are on a constant rise?

Mental Health ChatbotWell, it is the most asked question out there, that why people are getting more inclined towards using mental health chatbots. So to get the answer to this question, first, you need to understand the schedule we all are dealing with, whether it is our personal or professional space, the constant pressure and proving our worth, has made us take steps that are beyond our capabilities. And sometimes this leaves us with a mental strain and we end up feeling aloof and isolated. In such a heart-wrenching situation, it becomes a question of whom to get in touch with, and how to find peace. Indeed, therapists are there, but there are several ifs and buts around accessing those services, and this is where technology bridges the gap and offers us a smooth way to intact with and get help to improve our mental health.

However, to help you get a detailed answer to this question, further, we’ve mentioned a few points that can help you understand it’s worth.

Easy accessibility

Mental issues, anxiety or depression doesn’t knock on the door, seeing the situation, time or place, it can be an uninvited guest at any point of time. At the same time, once you look around the current Corona time, has already limited our approach to different perspectives, and accessing mental health services through the professional, can be a challenging task. However, when you look at the mental health support coming from a chatbot, then it is surprising to see that it can be accessed from anywhere from the safety of your home.

Chucks away the pressure of being judged

You would be shocked to know that most of us avoid going to a therapist to seek advice and consultation, as there is always a fear holding us, about being judged. It’s a very common fear when you share your pain and sorrow with someone, be it a therapist, that what if we would be judged on the basis of our perception and choices. But these issues are well-answered through the hands of technology, as a chatbot is just a technology, but gives the most human-like comfort, so anyone can rely upon it and get listened to and seek help.

No false commitment

With a therapist, you are always under constant pressure to be there for the session, and maybe you are not comfortable with the session or have no time to make it for the appointment, the constant follow-up calls and messages just increase the pressure more. But with the mental health chatbots, there is no hard-commitment made, if you are unable to talk to or not ready to talk due to any reason under the roof, you are not obliged to be there. You don’t need to explain and give reasons for your unavailability, but you can walk out of it anytime.

Lack of trained therapists

Well, let’s accept the fact that there is a gap between accessing help from the trained professionals as more mental issues bridging across the road, has created a strain on the availability of qualified therapists. Hence, instead of waiting for their turn, and making the situation go worse, it is better to get the required help from the mental chatbot, which comes laden with immense benefits.

Is it really worth using a mental health chatbot?

Hmm, a million-dollar question it is. Before getting indulged in any new technology, especially it is going to deal with our mental condition, it is very good to analyze it from every possible corner. So the answer to this question is that it is indeed worthy to take help from a mental health chatbot. It is a great source to support people with depressive symptoms or clinical anxiety. These bots don’t treat the mental disorders directly but are there to help when real help is needed, and can even slump down the adverse consequence of the mental conditions.

Final takeaway!

With the mental health chatbots, the inner strength of chatbot technology can be experienced and can be explored if utilized well, technology can grow out of bounds and pick different means to offer convenience. With the help of technology today our mental condition can be controlled while giving us strength to fight the odds around us, is nothing but a blessing.

But it is not just the mental health chatbots, that are creating a stir in the market, there are many other interesting and innovative use cases of chatbot apps, that are making waves in the market.
Stay tuned to this space to grab a closer look for more technology-laden information coming your way.

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