A Complete List of Online Education & Distance Learning Solutions during COVID-19 Pandemic

The global breakout of the COVID-19 pandemic has desolated many different industries including the education sector. Schools and universities around the world are closed, putting more or less 1.5 billion children out of the classroom. But digital technology came as a saviour to all and for the education sector, there has been a dramatic increase in online education or e-learning allowing students access to quality learning from the safety of their home during the lockdown.

Research has also concluded that online learning has shown significant success and growth potential which may completely change the way quality education is provided. At Digital Gravity, we have compiled a list of valuable educational applications, resources and platforms that has exclusively been researched by our professionals whereas details are taken from the UNESCO website.

The list below mostly comprises distance education and e-learning platforms that are free as well as support multiple languages for the convenience of all. One of the best aspects of the list is that it covers many different disciples of education to cater students, parents, teachers, working professionals and others seeking quality learning across their preferred courses. Check out and don’t forget to spread the knowledge by sharing!

Digital Learning Management System

  • CenturyTech – Custom learning programmes with short lessons that well addresses the gap between knowledge while challenging students who enrol in the course with professional guide on how to boost memory in the long-run.
  • ClassDojo – Parents and students can conveniently connect with the teachers to establish proper classroom communities.
  • Edmodo – Perhaps one stop for all the best resources and tools for professional classroom management as well as to engage students in a seamless manner over digital domains. Available in different languages for maximum convenience.
  • Edraak – A powerful platform to offer online education in Arabic with complete solutions for teachers and students.
  • EkStep – Means one step in Hindi and Urdu language; EkStep is an open education platform with an amazing collection of learning material as a means to support literacy and professional skill development.
  • Google Classroom – Search engine giant isn’t behind when it comes to lending quality education and distance learning! Google Classroom is a school away from school to help conduct online classes while fully supporting smooth communication and classroom management.
  • Moodle – Yet another open learning platform that’s globally supported and driven by local as well as international communities.
  • Nafham – An Arabic language online learning platform to host a dozen video lessons and education resources under the Egyptian and Syrian curriculum.
  • Paper Airplanes – Although the name’s amusing, the platform offers amazing 12-to-16 weeks of video lessons by connecting individuals with personal tutors. Conference conversation supports English and Turkish language.

System for Basic Mobile Phones

  • Call-Ed – A complete learning oriented, skill-based education platform with the offline option for maximum convenience.
  • Funzi – Made for large groups, this particular mobile learning service supports teaching, training and skill development.
  • Ubongo – An ultimate learning portal that uses entertainment, mass-media and mobile phone connectivity as its education medium. Ubongo delivers local education and learning resources to African families for a low cost.

Offline Support System

  • Kolibri – With its availability in more than 20 languages, Kolibri is a learning application which fully supports universal education.
  • Rumie – Long-term and valuable education tools and content resources made for underserved communities

Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) Platforms

  • Alison – Online lessons and courses delivered by experts and available in multiple languages such as English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.
  • Coursera – Pretty obvious but that doesn’t mean we should exclude it from the list! None other than Coursera; the ultimate digital education platform to offer online courses and professional certifications, taught by high-profile instructors from credible universities and organisations. Coursera offers both free and paid courses.
  • TED-Ed Earth School – Learn all about nature and the environment with exclusive online lessons that can be accessed between Earth Day (April 22nd) and the World Environment Day (June 5th). These courses are available for a period of five weeks between the given dates.
  • XuetangX – A collection of online courses from reputable universities made available in Chinese and English language.

Self-Learning Online Education Systems

  • ABRA – A careful selection of 33 game-like activities available in English and French which supports reading, writing and comprehension skills for the newbies. Offered by University Concordia.
  • British Council – The name says it all! With British Council, you can access unlimited English language learning resources that includes games, reading, listening, writing and communication exercises.
  • Code It – Infuse basic programming and coding concepts in the young through interactive online courses, live webinars and child-friendly learning resources available in English and German language.
  • Discovery Education – Learn all about the history of virus and pandemic outbreaks for free. Education resources available for different grade levels!
  • Facebook Get Digital – From social media giant comes the ultimate e-learning package to excel on the digital front! Facebook Get Digital offers a variety of lesson plans, activities, conversation ethics, video lessons and various learning resources that allow students to stay connected and engaged.
  • Geekie – As geek-ish as it sounds, Geekie is a web-based education platform in Portuguese language and one of a kind to use adaptive learning methodology.
  • Khan Academy – Amazing free lessons and practical exercises for math, science and humanities; Khan Academy digital platform also supports parent-teacher connectivity tool as well as track student’s progress. Aligned with the national curriculum accepted in more than 10 different countries, the e-learning resources are available in above 40 languages.
  • Music Crab – Apart from all the academic education, you can learn some music as well. Let there be no end to creative learning and media education during the COVID-19 pandemic! Music Crab is an ultimate mobile application to offer music education.
  • Quizlet – Available in 15 different languages, Quizlet supports learning through digital flashcards and gamification.
  • SDG Academy Library – Perhaps one of the largest digital libraries to offer more than 1,200 education videos on environment, sustainable development and greener Earth.

There’s Always More Than Meets the Eye

As a leading agency for web design in Dubai, Digital Gravity is proud to share the above list and support education during the recent pandemic crisis. Although the list is far too long, we’ve outlined only the most useful and valuable platforms. You can check out more by visiting UNESCO’s page.

ELEANING Statistics

Infographic Source: https://courseforme.com/what-is-learning-management-systems/

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