How Individuals with Disabilities Can Tap Into Tech to Drive Their Careers

Differently-abled individuals have an increasing number of career paths open to them due in large part to advancements in technology. From assisted technologies that aid in the work effort, to remote work opportunities, varied employment options are available for anyone who wants to pursue them. Here, DTech Web Blog offers tips to help you get started.

Utilizing Assisted Technologies

Fortunately, there is a continually evolving slate of tech support that can provide assistance to differently-abled individuals. For example, voice-activated computer equipment, ergonomically designed workstations, magnifying computer screens, and touch screens can all bolster the work process.

Remote Work Options

Telework and remote work continues to grow in popularity, opening numerous career paths that were previously unavailable. According to CNBC, while IT jobs are among the top remote options, other fields are growing as well. Even previously in-person-only positions can now be done via internet connection. Careers in sales management, fundraising, market research, appointment setting, data entry, financial analysis, accounting, and bookkeeping roles provide pathways for individuals who have mobility issues or difficulty working in a typical office environment.

Flexible Positions

As roles in internet technology fields continue to expand, a large majority of positions can be done from any location. Whether it’s coding, software engineering, or tech support, a variety of roles offer a degree of flexibility. According to Forbes, tech has serious potential for future job growth, which means getting into the industry now has a lot of long-term benefits. Consider looking at online educational offerings in the tech field as a way to learn new skills and advance your career prospects in an exciting and fast-growing industry.


Looking for Jobs

Many institutes of higher education offer job placement assistance, and online job platforms often feature categories related to remote and telecommute work, both in full-time, part-time, and freelance capacities. Most job boards have apps that allow for easy application from any location. Home-based work opportunities are also a viable prospect, and allow you to focus on the types of work you find rewarding. You might build a career out of a professional line of expertise, like looking to influencer marketing agencies if you’re a social media pro, video editing services, web design, accounting, or even by monetizing a hobby.

Starting a Business

If you have a particular area of interest or work in a niche market, you might consider starting your own small company. This option allows you to do the work of your choosing from anywhere you like. You can also set your own hours and fee structures, and hire additional help as needed. If you’re considering this type of career path, visit a small business development center and learn how to go about developing a business plan, a marketing strategy, and applying for a small business loan or grant to get you up and running.

Feel Discriminated Against?

If for any reason you feel you’re being discriminated against based on your disability, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) website has a wealth of information on identifying discrimination and learning your rights. The ADA can also help you retain legal counsel, if you need it, and find appropriate resources to guide you through a variety of scenarios, from requesting accommodations in the workplace to advancing your career.

As tech continues to evolve, an environment of increased opportunity for those with disabilities will continue to emerge and expand, all of which opens the doors to new ways of working and earning a living.

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