Impact Of Internet On Entertainment

Almost every aspect of life is touched by internet. Internet sector has also influenced the entertainment sector. Entertainment is an activity, which provides a diversion or permits people to amuse themselves in leisure time. Entertainment industry is a part of tertiary sector of the economy and includes a large number of sub industries devoted to entertainment. It is also known as showbiz.


According to Oxford dictionary entertainment means an activity, event, performance, design to entertain other people. Entertainment is an item, which is exported over the borders through internet. Internet creates essential pre condition for renewing and developing ways of legally distributing entertainment. It is already a digital product (except for live performances) suitable for electronic distribution. At the same time, internet may constitute greatest challenge that the entertainment industry may have faced as it offer new possibilities of distributing entertainment content illegally which are very difficult to combat.

Positive Impact Of Internet On Entertainment Industry


  • NEW METHOD OF PURCHASE AND DISTRIBUTION: – Due to safe e commerce environment and digitalization of content, the entertainment industry has new face now. This industry consists of several areas like music, movies, television, games, sports, broadcasts and much more. There was a definite method on how these mediums were purchased and distributed but internet has completely changed the method of making it more convenient and less expensive.
  • ONLINE BUSINESS IS CONSTANTLY INCREASING IMPORTANCE:- This is particularly true for entertainment industry on the account of the fact that their products, for most part aredistributed in digital as well as physical form.
  • NEW DEFINITION OF ENTERTAINMENT: – The combination of music, films, ads and games etc. enables completely new product and services to be created. A customer can compile his own CD’S from a number of samples available on website and get the CD deliver via traditional mail. The user may design his/her ‘hit list’ on number of websites. There are radio stations that in parallel with traditional broadcasting are streaming radios over the internet, while some new radio stations uses streaming technology only.
  • MOVIE TICKET BOOKING:- with the help of internet, people can go online through popular sites to check the show timings, and even purchase the tickets. This saves a lot of time and makes going to movies more convenient.
  • PAYMENT SYSTEM SOLUTION:- different payment solutions are used by different companies. Example credit card, cash on delivery etc.
  • PUBLISHING:- the digital format of digital files has prepared the way for more efficient communication with customers. The publishers construct internet portals where customers may access the music.
  • MARKETING AND PROMOTION:-the web offers better opportunities for reaching further and for customizing marketing activities. It is possible for buyers now to keep in touch with seller’s site; find real time information and can make quick purchase decisions. Knowledge of customer is increased about varied products. Thus, digital marketing is a source of dissemination of information for its customers.
  • MOVIES ON DEMAND: – customer can buy movies on demand without leaving the comforts of their homes. If the customers want to watch movies he may browse online on the movies of achieves guide, which contains a list of movies and documentaries. After selecting a programme to watch, request is sent to the distributor along with payment preference. Payment can be made per view basis or on monetary basis. There are no scheduled start limit and no waiting films to download and may start as soon as you play.

Negative Impact Of Internet On Entertainment Sector

Internet is highly unregulated today.  Problem of copyrights and piracy is very common. In relation to the entertainment industry, privacy refers to unauthorized copying. People may steal the original data and use for illegitimate gains. Though internet has provided a platform for convenient purchase and distribution, this system is not as authentic as a traditional purchasing and distribution.

This area need great attention as it has vast potential to grow.  Entertainment sector has shown tremendous increase in last few decades and will continue to grow if the needs and preferences of this segment are given high importance. Government should take initiative at various levels to address the issue of copyrights and privacy and help in growth of entertainment sector.

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