How to setup remote desktop connection using Chrome Browser

I don’t know about you, but I personally have a PC I use to work at home and a notebook I carry for mobile working. Having two computers used to be a hassle, because sometimes, if I forgot to back up my file on cloud storage on my PC, then I have no way to access that file on my notebook, and vice versa.

I even considered to get rid of my PC, but while it’s not really a practical gadget, I still prefer to work with it at home because it has better spec than my notebook. So I started looking if there is any way I can connect the two computer, and I found Remote Desktop Connection.

Remote Desktop Connection basically is a service that connects two different notebooks (or laptop) that has installed Chrome Browser.Using Chrome Browser however, I can now use remote desktop connection that gives me access to the files in my PC from my notebook, even though I’m not at home.

Is it secure?
The first question that pops up on my mind when I was considering this service is its security. Is it really okay to open the access to my PC and notebook just like that?

Three things convinces me of its security, though.

First, if you open the access for your computer to your other computer (like from my own PC to my own notebook), you will get to set your own six-digit PIN. The idea is simple, to open access, you’ll need to enter PIN, and as long you don’t give away my PIN to other people, then nobody can gain access to your computer.

Second, if you want to share temporary and limited access to other people (for example, if you need your friend to check on the document you’re working on), you’ll be given access code that you need to share to your friend. Your friend can only get the access after he or she entered the correct access code. For more security, this access code is temporary. After you close the connection, your friend can no longer access your computer unless you give him or her new access code.

Third, all of the data exchanged during the sharing session is encrypted using AES. It means, Google itself can’t peek on what’s inside your computer, even if you are using its service to connect multiple computer.

Two Types of Connections

I’ve mentioned briefly above, but Google’s Remote Desktop Connection currently offers two types of connection:

  1. Remote Assistance
    This service allows other people to get limited access to your PC. Limited here means screen-sharing, where you can share what is happening at your screen to other people of your choice. This is perfect for technical assistance.
  2. My Computer
    This service is the one that I need the most. With this service, I can access the hard disk of my PC from my notebook, and vice versa, instead of getting only the screen sharing.

How can I get this service?

It’s really simpler than you think. All you need to do is sign in into your Google Account in both of your devices.

Then, download Remote Desktop Connection app from Chrome Web Store and install it on both of your devices. Don’t forget to click Add when you’re prompted by Chrome.

Now, you can launch the app.

How to use this service?

After you launch the app, you’ll get asked to choose which one of the two types of the connection you want: Remote Assistance or My Computer.

If you choose Remote Assistance:

  •  Click Remote Assistance
  • A dialogue box will open with two choices: Share or Access
  • From the computer you want to share with your friend, click Share
  • Ask your friend to choose Access
  • Your dialogue box will show Access Code. Each new connection will give you new Access Code. Let your friend know this Access Code and enter it in his or her dialogue box
  • When the Access Code match, the connection will open. You will get a notification.
  • Under the notification, there is option to stop sharing when you’re done.

If you choose My Computer

  • Click My Computer
  • A dialogue box will open. Click Enable remote connection
  • Chrome will automatically download Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer
  • Install the software by following the instruction on screen
  • New dialogue box will open and you’ll get asked to create 6 digit PIN. Once done, click OK
  • Then, in Chrome Remote Desktop Host Preference, you’ll be asked to enter your PIN to enable the service. Enter PIN and click Enable
  • Repeat the process in each of the other computer you want to connect. The setup is finished.
  • Now, if you want to connect, open the Chrome Remote Desktop. Under the My Computer option, you will see a list of computers you’ve set up to be connected to each other. Click which one you want to connect, enter then PIN, and enjoy the shared connection.

You’ll get a notification that the computers are now connected. Under the notification, there is option to stop sharing when you’re done.

A little note to remember, both of the computers must be active for the connection to work. So before leaving one of the computers at home, make sure you’ve turn it on and set the power management to ensure the computer won’t sleep. If you forget this and the computer fall asleep, you’ll lost the connection.

So, what do you think? A simple yet secure feature that allows you to have two computers connected, giving you a power of two even when you only hold one in your hand. As for me, I personally think it’s both cool and useful.

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