How to make social media secure for kids?

Social media is very popular among young kids no time ever before. Have you ever think, why even kids are using online media frequently? Because the modern technology has offered mankind plenty of innovations in which social networking apps and websites are the most popular inventions. Now people can talk with each other with the help of social messaging apps such as Facebook, Yahoo, Tinder, Line, Vine, Viber, WhatsApp and plenty of other alike.

These tech-creatures enable a user to communicate with the friends through text messages, chat conversations, and group conversations, audio and video calls and sharing online media files. These tools have to get together in a single electronic device known as cell phone device and when it connected to the internet, user whether kids, teens, teens, and adults can use all the instant messaging apps easily and can do the things which are really amazing.

Having all of these tools, there is no doubt in my mind, this serving humanity to the fullest. But there are many other things which humans have made more complex and lethal for young kids. There are some following factors which have made social media a dangerous place and a safe haven for evil peoples.

Cyber Bullies

Cyber bullies are the most frequent users of social media; they are the ones that are the real threat to young kids. They bullied young kids online and in real life as well. Bullying has gone beyond the school gate. It doesn’t remain only in real life only and it has gone even on the internet. Young kids and teens lose their confidence to go in school and often get bullied online. Cyber space bullies send explicit content, abusive language and harass young kids online when they are using the social media apps.


On social media, stalkers are everywhere. They are used to of using decent language with the young fellows’ kids and teens online. They make them friends and win their heart initially, once they get it successfully, they meet them in real life and after that fulfill their dark and evil motives.

Child Abusers

Child abusers chase young kids on digital media websites and apps and after getting their complete information. They abused them mercilessly; ultimately the consequences remain long lasted in young kids and tweens. Sometimes victims go for suicide.

Health Issues

The young kids and teens who spend most of their time on online media at the end become obsessed with it. They use it on their bed, in school, while walking on roads and even when they are eating their meals. Ultimately, depression, eye infections, anxiety and psychological disorders may exist.

Make social media secure for young kids

Parents need to look after young kids and teens activities online world. They should teach kids and teens to use social media for the limited time for certain reasons rather than sticking with it all the time. Parents should guide kids and teens what sort of people that should avoid communicating with online and what activities they should not do online. In-case parents don’t have much time for kids, then they should use cell phone spy software.

It allows parents to track the IM’s logs, IM’s chat and conversations, shared media files VOIP calls. Parents can track sent and received messages along with the real time. They can track the location of their kids and teens when outside the house with GPS location tracker of the mobile phone tracking app. It further allows parents to remotely block the internet, they can block text messages and calls remotely and even make their own preferences of monitoring their kids.


It is parent’s responsibility to keep an eye on kid’s social media activities. The cell phone monitoring program is the best way to secure online media for kids and teens.

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