How to Import RSS Feeds to Outlook

RSS has made your life easier. With it, you don’t have to head to individual website you follow to check what their new posts are. You can check the latest news from NYTimes and simultaneously check what your favorite beauty blogger has shared for a week. It saves time, and it saves effort.

All you have to do is open one RSS feeds reader – there are many good ones out there. Our personal favorite was Google Reader, but sadly the service has been closed down by Google on 2013 because apparently, other people didn’t like it as much as we do.

But, well, back to the topic. Do you what else that can make your life even easier? Importing RSS feeds to your Outlook.

With it, you don’t even have to open RSS feeds reader. You can have your RSS feeds delivered to your Outlook inbox. Another time-saving and effort-saving cheat, even if only several seconds and clicks.

Here is how to do it. Despite how it looks, it’s actually pretty simple steps.

  1. Head to the website you want to subscribe
    When you’re there, find where the RSS button is. They’re usually on the widget, or on top of the page, or on the bottom, or around Follow Me section. If you can’t find it, however, you can just simply press CTRL+F to open search box and type RSS.
  2. Click the RSS button
    Now, click that RSS button. Some website only has one RSS option, but some websites provides options if you want to subscribe to all their post, or only certain post, or only at certain times, et cetera. Click the one you want, and the browser will take you to an RSS page. Usually it only contains code, but ignore it. All you need to do is copy the link in the address bar.
  3. Open Outlook
    Start you Ms. Outlook. Click File on the menu bar, then head to Account and Social Network Settings. Click the drop down menu and click Account Settings.
    A dialogue box will open. You’ll see several tabs on the box. Click the RSS Feed tabs.
  4. Add the New RSS Feeds
    On the RSS Feed tabs, find menu New… and click it. A new dialogue box will open. Now, you can paste the link of the RSS feeds you copied from your favorite website earlier on the field available.
    Then, click Add.
  5. Set your preference
    A new dialogue box for RSS Feeds Options will open. In this box, you can set your preference for the RSS Feeds.
    – In the General settings, you can rename the Feed name
    – In the Delivery Location settings, you can choose where you want your RSS feeds to be delivered on your computer
    – In the Download settings, you can choose whether you want automatic download if there is any enclosure on your RSS feed and whether you want to download the RSS feed as .html file
    – In the Update Limit settings, you can choose whether you want to limit the update based on the provider’s recommendation or not
    Once you’re okay with the setting, click OK
    Now you’ll be back on the Account Settings dialogue box. Your new RSS Fees will be listed, along with the status on the Last Updated On. Click OK.
  6. Receive the RSS
    Now, you can go back to your Outlook Home. Just click Home on the menu bar. Look at the left-side menu, and you’ll see a folder named RSS Feeds. Click on the folder, and you’ll get a list of the update.
    All you have to do to read the update is click on this, and the content will be displayed on the right side. Yep, as easy as that.
  7. Other options for the RSS feeds
    You can do much more than just read the update from the Outlook. You can head to the RSS menu in the ribbon. You can choose to do one of these:
    – Download the Content
    If the content has attachment or enclosure, you can download them immediately by clicking this menu. Or, you can simply download the content themselves, if you want to have them handy in your computer when you have no access to the internet.
    – Share this Feed
    If you think the content will benefit someone in your contact, click this menu. They will receive this content via their mail. No need to copy and paste the content in a separate new mail.
    – View Article
    If you’re not satisfied reading the content from your mail, you can head to the website by clicking this menu.
  8. Deleting the RSS Feeds
    Sometimes, just like everything in life, the content of the website you follow is no longer relevant for you. Maybe you move out of town and want to unsubscribe from the RSS feeds of your old town forum?
    You can head back to File > Account Settings just like when you add the RSS feeds.
    On the Account Settings dialogue box, you’ll find your RSS feeds on the list. Select the feeds you want to delete, and click Remove.
    Another box will pop up, asking if you’re sure you want to remove the feeds. Click OK.
    If you delete the RSS feeds this way, all the previous content you’ve downloaded will stay intact.
  9. Easier Options to Add and Delete RSS Feeds
    There is way easier option to add and delete RSS Feeds that involves less steps.
    You don’t even need to head to the File menu. On the Home, look at the menu of the left. Right click there, and click Add a New RSS Feeds and you’ll get directed to dialogue box where you can put the RSS feeds URL from your favorite website.
    Similarly, to delete the feeds, all you need to do is right click the folder in the left-side menu and click Delete Folder. However, this method will also delete all the previously downloaded content.

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