How To Drive More Leads With Video SEO

9Video content is one of the most effective marketing tools for lead generation. Given it is persuasive, entertaining, and easy to consume, video content is popular among consumers, especially in 2022.

Whether you’re a small business, startup, or large-scale enterprise, online videos are beneficial when marketing your brand. Even most video marketers agree that videos on your website are one of the best SEO and SEM strategies to garner qualified and better leads. But how do you make your videos visible to searchers and convert them into watchers? This article will guide you on how to drive more leads with video SEO. Read on.

Why Is Using Video Beneficial to Generate Leads?

Trust is one of the most crucial factors in lead generation. By using videos, consumers’ information is safe and secure. Thus, increasing consumer and business trust.

Also, video content is preferred by 66% of consumers while researching a product or service. You want your audience to remember information when you are lead generation, and most viewers report remembering up to 95% of the message after watching a video.

9 Ways To Drive More Leads With Video SEO

With video content, there are many ways to generate leads. Here are X efficient ways to leverage video lead generation if you or your marketing team are stuck.

Feature videos on your homepage

Initial impressions matter and your target audience will get their first impression on your website’s homepage. You can use videos on your homepage to establish tenor, mood, and focal point. Additionally, you can introduce yourself, describe what you do, and provide others with enough information about your brand.

Using business storytelling may introduce your company’s past, ethos, and objectives. You can also include the brand’s colors and emblem to stay on brand. Remember that your homepage gives the viewers a sneak peek at the website’s tone and vibe, so make sure to put a lot of thought into your video before publishing it to your website’s homepage.

Utilize image thumbnails to the fullest

Perhaps the image thumbnail is the main element that draws your readers in addition to the title. The most effective thumbnails in terms of performance and engagement are custom ones. Use a human custom thumbnail to increase the play rate of your video material by 30%. Why? People connect with other people the best. Additionally, customized picture thumbnails are more effective in generating engagement than stock images. If you’re not skilled in editing, you can always set a budget and hire a professional to create thumbnails for you.

Improve the video’s clarity and loading speed

Another aspect that marketers frequently miss is video clarity. You should seek a minimum aspect ratio of 640 by 360 pixels, as high-quality videos will benefit you but may eventually cause loading times to increase. A 90% bounce rate is associated with a five-second delay in loading time. The bounce rate and exit rate should remain as low as possible.

Luckily, there are a few online video compressors, some of which are free. Other recommendations for quicker loading and improved video clarity are:

  • Use a video format supported by HTML5, such as MP4 or WebM.
  • To save space, remove the audio from muted videos.
  • Allow for simple server-side streaming rather than requiring users to download videos.
  • Give both online and mobile users priority.

Create a brand video

A brand video narrates a tale about your company’s mission and goals. By providing viewers with a narrative about your company, you might pique the interest of your viewers. Brand videos are a fantastic method to increase consumer trust and the likelihood that they will provide you with leads.

Publish product videos

You’ll need top-notch product videos if you’re planning to develop an eCommerce website. Make a video highlighting all salient features, applications, and advantages of your products. As buyers cannot see, touch, or engage with your product, product videos on your website can help increase online sales.

Another crucial factor is where consumers can find your videos on your website. You can place them on service or product pages of your website, where visitors have shown interest in your product or service but have not yet made up their minds about buying it.

Product videos can persuade website visitors to make a buy. Therefore, consider what your potential customers might like to know or see, and then try incorporating these into a video on your website.

Make customer testimonial videos

Customer satisfaction is a powerful marketing strategy. While effective CRM implementation works, utilizing positive testimonials and experiences of former clients can attract new clients and gain their trust.

Answer FAQs in videos

A FAQ video should be concise, accurate, and to the point–a video that responds to your customer’s concerns. Including FAQ videos on your website allows visitors to discover more about your enterprise. In the FAQ videos, you can also draw attention to the advantages and characteristics of your business’s selling points.

You may strengthen your brand, position yourself as an industry leader, and win over the trust of potential customers by responding to FAQs. In the end, you’re influencing them to do business with you.

Transcription helps in SEO

Although search bots might not be able to hear every word you say in your video marketing material, there is something else they can readily handle: the text of the video.

Transcripts make the video content more accessible and increase the likelihood of higher rankings. Transcripts allow non-natives with accent difficulties to follow videos without hardship. Furthermore, if the video is on your website and is lengthy, the transcript will help improve the video’s ranking. Consider using transcripts to add more information and further the SEO story rather than placing a video on a blank page.

Add a call to action

You must instruct your video’s viewers on what to do next. Include a call to action in your video, such as “sign up now” or “learn more,” to entice viewers to act. Test a range of CTAs to see which is most effective for your company.

Wrapping Up

A solid digital marketing strategy now includes a vital component called video search ranking. With video being the most popular type of internet material, using this format makes perfect sense if you want to generate better leads. Getting your videos to rank won’t be as challenging if you follow the nine video SEO tips above.

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