How to Choose Right Video Surveillance System For Business

These days, modern society is characterized by fast food, huge supermarkets and measures taken for safety. Guarded parking lots, video surveillance systems, and fast response services- all these make our lives safe. A good number of people want to protect their offices with cameras, but they don’t have any idea about how to choose a good video surveillance. Let’s discuss that in this write-up.

1. Video Capture Capability

It is one of the most common points that you should consider while choosing an enterprise cabling & security solutions. Video capture cards and video recorders (DVR) are those devices are not capable of working outside a stationary PC and without special software. They are suitable only for options that do not require a large number of cameras.

The video is recorded directly on the hard disk of the device. So, you don’t need to worry about enough free space on it. In some other cases, a good number of cameras are connected to the board. So, the video compression format, the resolution of the captured video, and the video capturing speed matter a lot.

Always keep in mind that the video recorder of the video surveillance system is designed as a standalone device and is characterized by the same parameters as for video capture boards. Its functionality is much wider as the device is capable of transmitting data to a computer, has built-in memory for storing video, supports network protocols for transmitting data to a remote device automatically. This type of video surveillance system is suitable for you when you need to connect a large number of cameras and the synchronization with a remote video storage device is required,

2. Cables

Cables are divided into Coaxial, Twisted pair and Fiber optic categories. You must know that coaxial cable is convenient when you have to connect cameras with a capture device in case the distance between them does not exceed 200 m.

It allows you to connect analogue devices of the complex with each other directly without facing any problem. Twisted pair is used to connect a length of over 200 meters and it requires an additional receiver and signal transmission. It increases the cost of a video surveillance system. A fibre optic connection is an expensive option.

3. Method For Information Transmission

On this parameter, video surveillance systems are divided into two main categories-

Analog                 –   It transmits information using an analogue signal. They are easy to install and configure and good thing is that they record video continuously without missing a second. The lack of signal encryption and communication is its disadvantage.

IP                         –   Just Convert analogue signal to digital as Such devices have a built-in microphone and speaker. They have the possibility of wireless installation and combination with a motion sensor. You can easily control the system and view images from any portable device. Sometimes, they do not record some points in videos as they break in seconds.

4. Housing Characteristics Matters A Lot

The choice of video surveillance system also depends on this important factor. Have a look:

Housing Characteristics         –  Domed                                                                          

Brief Explanation                  –    The comes with a plastic case in the form of a hemisphere and allow masking the equipment under the lighting device. They Provide orientation in a given direction or full view. They have robust construction, but suitable only for indoor use.

Housing Characteristics   – Cylindrical

Brief Explanation             –  They have the shape of a cylinder and are equipped with a visor to protect the lens from sticking. Some models have the ability to adjust the position of the visor and body is compact and solid, made of a metal alloy or durable plastic. Resistant to mechanical damage up to a great extent.

Housing Characteristics         –  Miniature

Brief Explanation                 –  It comes with a compact body in the form of a cylinder or a square. Perfectly suitable for covert surveillance.

Housing Characteristics         –  Anti-vandal

Brief Explanation                  – They are devices with the most durable metal alloy housing and their lens are protected by armoured glass.

Housing Characteristics         – Modular

Brief Explanation                  – It doesn’t have a case at all. It is used in constructions to achieve specific goals or is installed in a hermetic housing – an additional cover that offers heating during the cold season and protects equipment from external influences.

5. Focus and Viewing Angle

These parameters depend on the sensitivity of the matrix as Focal length determines the area of observation and viewing angle may be wide and narrow. Its value determined using geometric calculations. Always keep in mind that the greater the focal length, the smaller the viewing angle.

This makes it possible for you to observe a distant object and a small area around it. More objects fall into the frame with a small focus, more objects fall into the frame. A wide view is not required at all If the observation is conducted in a long narrow room. It is also suitable for panoramic shooting.

6. Sensitivity

Always keep in mind that the sensitivity of a surveillance camera determines its ability to see in the dark. So, the higher the sensitivity is, the better the image with minimal illumination. It depends on the quality of the matrix and the lens aperture. Always Choose equipment based on their characteristics of the room.

Final Words
Every business owner has to use video surveillance cameras to monitor his office and protect it from uninvited guests and maintains. Use these parameters to choose a good video surveillance camera easily and effortlessly.

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