How To Choose A Company For Custom Software Development?

Today, The demand for talented developers is on the rise, and it’s one tough cookie for hiring managers to find the right tech resources especially if the location is in the United States or any other European country. This is because full stack programmers have one of the highest hourly rates when compared with other jobs that are available in the country. Hiring a software development company in India may be your way out of this situation especially if you’re limited in budget and development time. Offshore locations such as India have an extremely lower hourly rate for highly skilled full stack developers when compared to the US or any other European country. If you are hiring a team of offshore developers, you can access a wider pool of programmers without spending more money. If you are maintaining an in-house team, you often need to shell out a lot of money on your inhouse team’s workstation setups, office spaces, insurance, perks, paid leaves, software, and hardware expenses. However, hiring an offshore development team helps you to save on these expenses.

What does it mean to hire an Offshore Software Development Team for your Custom Software Development?


Hiring an offshore software development team will give you three key benefits such as reduced development cost, access to talented tech resources, and hassle free hiring process. Hiring a dedicated development team from an offshore location will be best suited for you if you need additional resources to help your on-site team or you need a full virtual team for your long term software development project.

Having said that, let’s dive into some of the steps that help you to choose a company for your custom software development project.

Choose an offshore location

You can hire dedicated development teams from all parts of the world. However, the hourly rate and quality of developers can vary depending on the region that you choose. Popular offshore destinations such as India have the lowest hourly rates. Even though many other Asian countries provide offshore development services, hiring developers from India will be the best option for you as many offshore software development companies in India are well known for their code quality and expertise in handling international projects.

Check offshore vendors business credibility

Soon after you finalize your offshore location, run a thorough research on the best software development companies (that are affordable for you) you’re considering for your custom software development project. This will help you to pick a reliable vendor for your long term or short term needs. Additionally, it is important to ask about these before signing up with your offshore vendor:

  • Domain Expertise
  • Employee Strength
  • Running Projects
  • Certifications and Standards
  • Development process and project management
  • Supporting Documents that prove authenticity
  • Client Reference
  • Hidden Charges

Interview their Developers

Interviewing your offshore developers is one of the best ways in which you can assess their knowledge and expertise in the development of software products. Apart from assessing their skills, you can share your project expectations, your expectations from them, your business goals, and more. Nowadays, many offshore software development companies in India provide coding assessments for their clients so that they can get a better understanding of the skill level and soft skills of the developers they are hiring.

Check their work environment

From the internet speed to equipment used, the work environment of your offshore team will greatly determine project success and productivity. Before signing on with your offshore vendor, make sure they use authentic software and equipment, check their internet connection speed, ask about their working hours, public holidays, ask about how they respond in the wake of an emergency, and ask for a video walk around tour of their offshore facility.

Evaluate their Security Measures

When you partner with an offshore software development vendor, it is vital to ask about their security measures as a compromise in data security can expose your valuable data and company secrets. You must ensure that your vendor signs a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) that applies to all resources working on your project. The contract should also clearly mention the name of the services they offer, delivery, IP security, price, access permissions, payment terms, and other information that directly impacts data security.

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