How to Build an SMB-Brand Using Modern Visuals

Small and mid-sized enterprises are the backbone of the global economy. They’re easily launched, and they can swiftly adapt to the fast-changing conditions in the business market.

But they’re also easily closed in case their business owners estimate that they can’t compete with their rivals.
All these elements make small ventures an important and valuable part of every business community.

That’s why their owners need to make sure to build their brands in line with the current demands of the market.

When we’re talking about the 2010s and the forthcoming 2020s, visual features are extremely important if you want to become an easily recognized business name. In the next few paragraphs, you’ll learn more about the key modern visuals that SMB-owners should use in brand building.


1) Rely on infographics and explainer videos

Internet users appreciate businesses and website owners who provide them with relevant and simply organized information.

This doesn’t only include data on the services offered by the business in question, but it also refers to blog posts, analyses, and estimates related to the ongoing current affairs in the given field.

Because of that, business owners need to utilize available data to give their potential clients resourceful insights into the activities undertaken by their ventures, as well as into the key events in their industry.

This is where explainer videos and infographics come on stage.

In explainer videos, you can break down in simple terms what your mission is, how you’re planning to make it work, and what benefits it brings to your users.

Infographics, on the other hand, are handy in presenting successful business results and relevant data from your niche, as explained in this guide on infographics, published by Neil Patel.

2) Boost your brand recognizability

When you’re building your brand from scratch, you need to try hard to keep it recognizable from day one.
Since we’re talking about modern business visuals, SMB-owners should opt for their logo, fonts, and colors before they register their business.

Even though today it’s not difficult to create a logo using online tools, you’d better contact professional designers to that part for you. They know what works best today and how to distill your ideas and needs into a cutting-edge and attractive logo.

Another important aspect of proper business visual recognizability is the type of business fonts. Depending on your business niche and type, you can either go for bold fonts or choose more laid-back ones. The font you choose will send a clear message about your business to your audience.

Finally, your colors need to match the industry you’re working in. Although using green color for eco-related businesses or blue color for water-related enterprises might seem repetitive, we do this to win over potential clients more easily. If you try to take a revolutionary approach to the color scheme, you might confuse your audiences.

3) Organize content for different media

In the times when mobile users have already overtaken the Internet market, SMB-owners should take into account their importance and embrace the new trends.

In line with that, you should organize your website content for different media, as suggested by the professionals behind a digital agency from Houston.

In other words, your website should be responsive to desktop computers, tablets, and mobile phones. If possible and necessary, think about launching a mobile app that would allow your clients to enjoy more features related to your business.

Apart from that, you should interconnect your website, your social media profiles, and YouTube. This comprehensive content strategy will ensure that you establish a balanced and consistent presence in all these digital media.

4) Produce and share educational content

Educational content features, such as tutorials, guides, and the aforementioned video explainers are all practical ways of popularizing your business while sharing something valuable with your audience.

Therefore, you should think about producing and sharing educational content. For instance, you can organize some of your blog posts as lessons or guides that would provide solutions to potential issues that your clients might come across in their activities.

What’s more, you could structure the Q&A section on your website so that it answers some common questions sent directly by your leads, clients, and visitors in general. Asking them to share their dilemmas and issues with you would be an invaluable input to provide the right answers in that section.

If your business deals with more practical things, shooting and posting videos to your YouTube channels will be beneficial for your business brand.

The more shares you get this way, the more potential leads and clients you’ll generate.

5) Revise your marketing goals

Simultaneously with all the steps above, SMB-owners need to keep constantly revising their marketing goals.
If you want to generate your first leads and spread the word about your business, you need to increase your business activity on Instagram. Since this social network is more visual than Facebook or LinkedIn, businesses aiming at utilizing visuals to boost their brand should turn to that network.

However, if you want to connect with fellow business professionals and find potential employees, LinkedIn is a better option. In that case, the infographics and video explainers from above are the key visuals you should share.

Entrepreneurs who want to increase their sales need to generate as many landing pages as possible and distribute them throughout the Internet to ensure that visitors come to these pages and buy their products. The key visuals, in this case, are product photos, videos, as well as details on the checkout.

Building a brand from scratch is by no means easy. However, it’s no rocket science either. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be so many successful small ventures out there. When it comes to the use of business visuals in this sense, they need to be original, updated, and adequate for modern means of communication. If you produce your own visual elements and adapt them to the latest tech trends and your marketing goals, your business will gradually become a well-known and successful brand in your niche.

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