How Technology And Online Learning Will Influence The Future Of Education?

We are living in a technological and we know technology is something which made our life easy and comfortable. In every field whether its commercial field social industries economical or educational field in every field we can see the influence of technology. When we take the field of education the technology has brought huge and drastic change in learning and also in the teaching process. In the past educators and other faculty members didn’t use any kind of technological devices.

Because technology is a huge concept and it needs so much care while operating it especially in the sensitive concept like education. But when they applied technology I educational field we understood its impact on our learning as well as a teaching process. So many changes are brought so many reformations and new skills are developed in the field of education. It not only helped students it helped teachers to improve their teaching skills and helped to provide quality education for students.

The main and foremost development or contribution of technology in the field of education is online learning. It really helped so many people and so many students to develop new thoughts on the educational process. There are a lot of disadvantages of technology that we know and it deeply affects youngsters but we never forget to realize that their so many positive sides of technology. It really helped to make our life easy going and helped to face all the challenges which we ones afraid of.

So we must take the positive side of technology and we must accept the positive contribution of technology in the field of education. The system has changed it accepted new and modern technical skills in educational process rather than following traditional and orthodox methods and techniques. As we know online learning makes the learning process easier and made it interesting and helped to involve the students in the learning process.

Learn with comfort

As we know more than 80%of students have their own personal technological devices which they can use for the educational purpose. When they have a technological device they can learn whenever you want without any kind of stress. When they will get any kind of class work and they don’t have an idea about that particular topic then they can search through devices and will get enough information’s related to it.

So make their learning process stress free and with the comfort they can learn. While in online learning they don’t need to attend the class from morning to evening no need to stress out in hours of class. No need to suffer strain physically and mentally.

Online learning renders facility to learn when they are free and they can learn when they need to. No any kind of stress or strain in the learning process and no need to attend daily classes they will get certificates after finishing the exam and the certificates are useful in their future career.

So it really helped to bring a drastic change in human life. So comfortable learning is a positive aspect of online learning. You don’t need to get up early and dressed up no need to spend your money on traveling so it really enhanced the learning process. They will get whatever lectures and notes related to the subject online and they can sit in home and learn but you should never misuse this positivity you must make sure that the environment in which you are studying is encouraging your learning process and involve yourself in studies.

Makes an individual ore confident

It’s another important advantage of technology and also online learning it makes an individual more confident and makes them positive thinkers. In the past when students get any kind of class work and other assignments and seminar they didn’t have any kind of reference source they must depend on textbooks but now we know every single individual have the knowledge of using technological devices. And they know its uses and how they can use in their study process. Now when they get any class work and if they find it confusing and difficult without wasting their time they will check through the internet.

And they will get every each information’s related to the subject without any doubt. And they will confidently present it in front of the classroom because they know that its right and they completely believe in the validity and reliability of the information received through technology. Another word we can say that technology decreased the role and importance of teachers in the classroom, now they have become the instructors in the classroom.

More than 90%of educational institutes use technological devices in the classroom to attract the students as well as enhance the quality of teaching. At the same time in online learning it boosted up the confidence of the learners and it offers them the right to ask any questions and any confusion related to the subject and they get the right to post comments related to it. So such open media always makes an individual confidence and an introvert individual can get more benefit of it.


We now that if a student wants to learn and want to get high degree certificate he must spend some money. When he admits in colleges he must pay certain fees and other to continue his education. And it may not be affordable for others. But in online learning, it’s a cheaper program which helps an individual to attain his dreams and get a certificate which is equivalent to other certificates.

And also student will get all necessary information’s and videos which are available on the internet. There are so many educational applications are developed in favors of educational process students can download and install the applications and they will get all necessary information’s related to the particular subject.

Good teaching techniques

We know that in the past teachers followed the traditional method of teaching in which textbooks are played its role and the curriculum was fully based on the class or textbook oriented. There was no much importance to student’s interest and student’s opinion. Basically, it was a one-way communication process.

But in this modern era students don’t accept such teaching they need something which will attract them and involve them in the process of learning. For that now a teacher use technological devices and gives a very important role in student-oriented teaching. Means the main part is given to student’s interest and opinion.

By involving technological devices teacher make use of it by presenting certain videos and clippings which is related to the chapter and it will help to attract students and they will part in discussion related studies.

And also in online learning, they can learn it by using videos which are related to the subject it will not create any kind of boredom it will be interesting because visual effects always brings positive outcome and helps to increase their knowledge.

We must accept that technology has contributed so many positive elements in the field of education. It really helped teachers to provide quality of education for students. When parents search for good educational institutions at first they search whether the institution is well developed in the field of technology because they know that technology has played its role and it is very important to get basic technological skills then only the children will succeed in his life.

So for that, every classroom was digitized and they get basic knowledge about technological skills in their primary level itself it boosts their confidence and they become expert in that field. So, that they can live a successful personal as well as professional life.


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