How LED Walls Saves Money Without Sacrificing Quality

LED walls promise industries success in their sales. They help promote the product, provide customers with self-service options and make the service sector easier for customers to understand. Not only that but also engage customers with an interactive display and lastly, offer the appeal of the large high-resolution to the customers.

LED walls are a worthy investment to promote your product and the result always pays off. Large-scale businesses can easily afford an outdoor LED screen and LED walls, seeing that they generate considerable revenues for a satisfactory result. However, for small-scale businesses, LED walls can come off as a costly investment. For them, LED walls are not a very practical option and if they must utilise them, they need to calculate their budget and come up with strategies to save money without compromising the quality of the LED walls. This is why many LED signage Dubai companies, that are well-known for their vibrant LED shows, get to produce high-quality shows with a minimum budget.

Normally, it is understood that the quality of a product is highly dependent on the amount you pay for it. The costly the product is, the higher and better is its quality. In the case of digital displays, you need to constantly upgrade them, yet still, be able to save money to yield profit in your business.

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Static digital displays take up less money than displays that have video graphics. A catchy display is enough to appeal to your clients and become more likely to explore your services, as they have the convenience of understanding them without the disturbance of moving pictures.

Digital displays with video and audio need to have a fixed speed at which they proceed. Speed too high can irritate clients as the slides proceed when they have not even finished reading the previous one. Speed too low will equally aggravate your hasty clients. A static display not only spares you from this trouble but it is more affordable this way.

The reason why a static display is cheaper is that the revision becomes simpler. The revision cost is next to nothing. Digital menus include a list of your services, pricing and design, which can be easily amended is the digital display is static or in images. Video editing cost more than an image display. You can insert 2 to 3 displays that can keep changing and in case, it requires altering, it would not put a lot of weight on your budget and will not consume a lot of time either. Not to mention, the quality of the picture will not be compromised as a static display’s quality can be adjusted, unlike a video’s quality, that is dependent upon the camera quality and pixels of the screen.


Digital displays allow you to feature your products and services the way you want. Unlike traditional printed advertisements, your company is at free will to revise the services and make amendments as many times as they wish. Printed advertisements can be costly in the sense that not only the graphics and content need to be changed but also the printing costs are inevitable. Since you need to make sure that, the poster paper quality and colour of the print are top-notch for every time you get a poster printed, investing in LED walls will serve to be of more convenience and certainly, less costly.

Presenting new offerings, or limited discounts can be easily displayed on the digital displays, with the far lesser time consumed as the traditional posters would require. You can make necessary edits in a matter of a couple of minutes and not spend a single cost on the edit. Revisions are made easier and cheaper through LED walls. Special offerings in the menu items list, service, and deals can be effortlessly highlighted.


Buyers need to understand the purpose of their digital display before they make a purchase. The lower the pixel pitch, the better is the picture quality of the display. The fact about a high-resolution display is that the display screens are more costly than an average display. The price you pay for the screen is reflected through the screen’s resolution. Luckily, this does not mean that you must invest extremely generously to surpass your competitors in the digital signage marketing.

A few factors that matter while considering the resolution of the picture include the distance at which your audience will be seeing the display. The thumb rule to determine the appropriate distance to maintain between the LED display and audience is by multiplying the pixel pitch by ten times. After determining the distance to place your LED screen, you must devout a specific place in your showroom for the screen.

In case, your showroom does not cover a large area, you need not invest a lot of money on the LED screen. LED walls that live up to the standards you have set for the display are enough to catch the eye of your clients and draw their attention.


The content of your digital menus is completely under your control. Editing the content of your display by managing the inventory of your items will allow you to promote your product efficiently. Managing your inventory is made easier through digital display as you can change the items for promotion accordingly. This will make sure that you are never overstocked on items and the flow of upgraded products remains smooth and consistent.

Promoting your overstocked items can help you sell them quickly which will make up for the cost you invested in digital marketing. Managing your inventory is convenient and less time consuming than traditional marketing strategies. It will cost next to nothing and the profit obtained from it will promise your business success.

Interchanging content throughout the day periodically is also effective, as the shifts of staff need to be changed and so does certain items in the menus. Digital signage does not only benefit the clients but your staff is also a part of the audience. Through LED walls they can perform better and promote your brand’s name that will lead to greater leads generation.


Food service industries often make use of digital signage to promote their brand. The menus are better represented through digital screens and the images look more appealing. Not to mention, the presence of LED walls in restaurants and cafes alone makes it appear as if the brand has put in a lot of money in their promotions.

The information that the screens display in the food service industry must meet the FDA requirements. The FDA requirements are frequently changing and through digital signage, it becomes easier to meet the specific rules. For restaurants with a static display, the posters need to be continuously changing. Ordering a change in their menus to meet the requirement can be tedious and costly in the long run.

A simple LED display saves your business from investing the costs and your time alike while meeting all FDA requirements effortlessly. Your clients will not think much of the quality of the display as long as the display looks appealing to them.

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