How AR and VR are Shaping Brand Engagement in 2021?

With the changing market situations and the continuous progress in the new technological interventions, it has become essential to stay abreast of the customer demands.

However, at times coping with the changing customer demands may prove to be a tedious job. And this is exactly where AR/VR technologies come into the scene.

Today’s world is more concerned about visual technologies and hence a lot of organizations across the world are usually investing in new methodologies to make connections and build up networks to keep their customers safe.

Right from educating people online to offering remote technical support, people are quickly educating themselves on overcoming and adapting to the changing situations in the environment that include the restrictions of lockdown, social distancing as well as working from home culture.

Moreover, the organizations having implemented ERP software are predicted to make use of AR and VR platforms to make the shopping process even more flawless.

Let us understand in-depth how AR and VR will shape brand engagement in 2021.


1) Quick Look At AR & VR

AR and VR are the visual technologies that help us get a different way to view and interact with the physical world. AR is nothing but augmented reality in which you can Rajan your reality by keeping different layers of the Digital elements or images over a real world view and VR is nothing but the virtual reality that helps create a completely different and immersive experience every time you get through it. Both of these technologies make use of various technologies. These include glasses headsets, smartphone screens, or digital projections.

2) Eye movement tracking and engagement

Experts strongly believe that the most advanced AR and VR solutions will be assisting in tracking and monitoring the gestures, facial expressions as well as movements whenever users will enjoy them. However, AR and VR products can be easily used in several ways and the most amazing part of these products will be to genuinely redevelop the facial expressions of a particular user in different and mixed realities such as emojis.

Some additional use cases of AR and VR will encompass keeping a precise track of the privacy and security factors along with the overall well-being and productivity and for performance and power elements. From all the above-mentioned factors the productivity and wellbeing will be closely related to keeping a track of the eye movements of the seniors or students. Secondly, the power and performance elements will be closely related to detecting a particular person’s attention while a meeting is going on.

AR and VR technologies deliver one of the most outstanding methods of manipulating computing machines with eye-tracking. This feature will be the best option for Website accessibility that can assist people with language and speech defects to type with their eyes. So it will assist them to read the text aloud with the help of a synthetic sound or voice.

3) Majorly Transforming Shopping and Retailing Experience

AR is the recent innovation in the retail space where several brands are using smartphone-based AR systems to help their shoppers with the real information about the specifications and the price of the products. Also, organizations have been incorporating top-class ERP software that can help customers gain valuable experience.

There are some best-class retailer apps in the market that help users place their products virtually into their selected space. This way people can have a check on how everything will look once the selected products will be kept at their places. Also, some applications in the market make use of AR and VR technologies to assist customers to detect and check how the beauty products will look on their faces. However, these technologies have proved to be a boon during the covid-19 pandemic when every store was closed and customers were not allowed to visit stores.

4) The Future Growth

AR and VR-based applications will be stretching several industries as well as markets at the global level. Also, AR and VR technologies will prove to be a very powerful and strong tool for marketers so that they can easily store retail and visualize the better growth of the business.

Those days are gone and fair for completely application-based solutions while today web-based solutions for AR and VR technologies are in high demand and help get access to the number of plants throughout the world to reach potential audiences. However, this can be done by generating ingenious and outstanding experience and content for the customer.

In A Nutshell

Experts strongly believe that incorporating AR and VR in the marketing strategy of organizations will help them accomplish an optimistic effect on the revenue as well as the brand. The recent reports have shown that by 2025 AR/VR will take over 95 Billion dollars of the market which showcases a staggering growth of these technologies.

Additionally, several companies are finding the most efficient ways to get more affordable sustainable, and easy methods to adopt AR and VR systems to stay abreast of the upcoming competition during post-pandemic conditions.
So let us welcome the excellent opportunities that AR and VR will offer a wide gamut of industries and customers in 2021!

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