Gadgets That Will Help You During the First Months of Parenthood

Understanding your newborn baby can be difficult as they cannot convey in language the pains, complaints, and joy. The whole parenting process becomes more comfortable if you have the best tech gadgets by your side. Some of the devices help you monitor the baby while you are working in a different room or watching a match for some relaxation.

How many times will you run to and fro to check on your munchkin? Parents are always overcome by anxiety for the safety of their children which prevents them from functioning efficiently in their own work. These devices will make it so much easier for you the task of tackling your toddler’s needs. Thus besides having the top baby items, you must take a look at these gadgets.

1. Snoo Smart Sleeper

Babies often experience discomfort for the first few months after birth, as they have been used to the environment inside the womb. Some children do not like to be left alone on a cradle as they want to be snuggled and held in warm arms all the time.

The Snoo Smart sleeper is one of those cool gadgets that senses the discomfort of your baby and automatically does everything to calm him/her down and soothe your mood. The sensory mechanism will start rocking the cradle and emit a white noise creating a similar environment that the child had experienced inside the womb.

If in case, the baby keeps crying for the next three minutes, it sets the alarm off for the parents to step in and take care of it. Although sometimes you may have to step in, most times, you will see your child respond positively to this device.

2. Bath Thermometer

A baby thermometer won’t come off as one of the new gadgets on the market but indeed an essential one. We cannot stress enough about the necessity of this one. Your baby’s skin is sensitive, and not having the right temperature of his/her bath water can cause a lot of problems for your little one. Bathing your baby right is an integral part of parenthood.

Pick up the best bath thermometer to solve this problem. We, as adults, may not always understand the right warmth for the baby, a thermostat never fails at that, and your child achieves the most soothing bath every time.

3. Baby Monitor

Here comes another classic device that never goes out of the gadget news for new parents. This is one of the smart home gadgets that all parents must buy. If not a constant video surveillance, this piece of machine will ensure you are monitoring your child all the time.

The market is full of such devices, and you have at your dispense a wide variety to choose from. Decide the number of whistles and bells that you want your device to have and buy accordingly. You can hear your baby cry or even stir in another room if you are working in a different one. This helps you do your work while keeping a tab on your child as well.

4. Perfect Prep

Feeding your child through a bottle is way more complicated than breastfeeding. You have got to maintain the right temperature, the right consistency, and ensure that it is free from any bacteria. The good news is, your perfect prep does all that for you. Amazing, isn’t it? It sterilizes to kill any bacteria besides making the formula in its right temperature and consistency.

It also acts as one of the best travel gadgets that are essential for your trips. They keep the feeding procedure very hassle free.

5. Wireless Breast pump

A breast pump is so essential, ask any new mommy, and she will confirm this. And a wireless breast pump is simply a blessing. It is among the car gadgets that you must have if you are a new parent. It is efficient and hassle-free.

It fits inside the maternity bra, and you can use it at work, while driving or simply at home. It also makes much lesser noise than your regular pumps. The tubes that come with traditional breast pumps cause a lot of discomfort and takes up so much space. This one is excessively convenient when it comes to carrying it around.

Whether you are a working mother or a homemaker, we understand there is no respite from all the work, and that is why included this absolutely fabulous device in our list of best home gadgets.

To all the parents out there, we wish we have been able to solve some of your parenting problems, provided you get the gadgets right now! They will help you get the best of your parenting experience without having to face the difficulties that come with it. Write to us about your experiences as we love to hear from you.

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Betti Wilson is a freelance author, but, what’s more important, what she is really devoted to, is her children. In her articles, she shares her own experience and writes about parenthood, lifestyle, family challenges and how to deal with them without losing a positive attitude.

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