Free SVG Icons Used By UI/UX Designers For Designing The Website

If you’re a UI/UX designer who is yet to explore the potential of using free SVG icons on the website, then it’s high time you pull your socks. SVG icons are now the obvious elements that go into web designing. As websites are increasingly becoming a single and powerful point of contact between businesses and their customers, your website has got to be nothing less than captivating and fast. None has the time to interpret blurry designs and navigate sluggish sites.

The use of SVG vector icons and SVG editors has turned out to be a massive game-changer in this regard. You must have surely crossed a path or two where you stumbled upon an array of SVG Icons in website design. Perhaps, which is why you are here! Let us keep things upfront for you. Before diving into the best free SVG icons that you can use for your website, let us brush up as to why, in the first place, are these tiny design bees good for your website’s being.


Why Go For Free SVG icons?

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) icons come with multiple benefits, ranging from resolution merits, file size advantages, to editability, and much more. You get to resize the SVG graphics without having to entertain a diminished image quality. This is all the more useful for designing responsive websites that must appear outstanding and function effectively on a variety of screen sizes and devices.

Additionally, unlike other formats that cause the website to be large and result in the download of unnecessarily large files, Vector graphics are super scalable. They allow you to employ very tiny file sizes irrespective of how large the images are required to be displayed. This further enhances the performance and loading time of a website giving your users a world-class navigation experience, opening the doors to a higher conversion rate.

SVG can also be readily inserted into a page’s HTML. Plus, you can customize, even animate the graphic as you like with CSS, instantly. For example, if you want to alter the color of the SVG icon, you need not edit it in a different software altogether, Rather you simply change the SVG file with a few lines of CSS.

Above everything, these powerful pieces are free to use. The internet is flooded with loads of all free SVG icons that you can use to take your website design to the sheer next level. Below are some of the handpicked qualitative icon sets and resources that you can leverage for your UI/UX design projects.

1. Colorful Ficons Icons

Colorful, attractive, and various, this is one of many piquing icon sets that you can use for designing your website. These are featured on and are available in Photoshop vector shapes. You can also use them by modifying the PSD file as these are highly scalable and easily downloadable.

2. UXPin Icon Set- Free SVG Icons

The UXPin Icon Set is a great icon set of 80 immersive icons for UI and UX designers. Featured on, these icons are free for use and available in multiple formats including SVG, PSD, AI, and PNG. They are also available in lightweight forms alongside regular and bold and are impeccably easy to scale. The designs are also something you should never not try.

3. Retro Volume 1 Free Vector Icons

Perhaps one of the most beautiful ironies in the creative industry is that retro can never get too old to flaunt. This interesting retro icon set can give your website a classic design and a professional and distinct appearance. There are 120 icons in the set, showcasing a vintage clock, a classy briefcase, and an overflowing mug among other designs. Spot them on and get going.

4. Free Transport Icons

This one is especially useful if you own an e-commerce or a logistic business website. It makes your website user-friendly and hard-to-ignore at the same time, conveying your message in straightforward icons rather than monotonous blocks of text. The set flaunts different transportation vehicles such as airplanes, helicopters, cars, buses, bicycles, and much more. Additionally, you can use them in both monochromes as well as colorful versions. Find them on

5. File Type Icons

Free File Type Icons is another interesting set of icons that you can use for enhancing your website and making it stand out from the rest. These are available on and very uniquely symbolize over 20 file types including doc, txt, image, Xls, video, HTML, zip, and much more. Plus, they are free for download in multiple formats including SVG, AI, EPS, and PNG.

6. SVG Repo

The is a great destination for finding the best free SVG icons that your web design absolutely needs. The giant vector library has 3,00,000+ free SVG vector icons for download and use. It has awesome search functionalities allowing you to choose particularly from the vast collection. It also lets you edit icons without requiring design software.

Furthermore, the icons and vectors on this site are exclusively optimized with the help of SVGO based compressors, making a perfect resource for SVG icons. The icons are also classified into some intriguing categories namely mono-color, multicolor, outlined, and filled, each featuring icons that will add a great aesthetic value to your web design.

7. Material Design Icons by Google

Material design system icons are a user-friendly and diverse icon range launched by google. Every icon is crafted using material design guidelines. The range has over 700 icons catering to a multitude of categories including action icons, media icons, communication icons, and more. These icons have been optimized for stunning projection on all common platforms and display resolutions, enabling usability and definition at both large and small sizes.

The material icon repository contains the entire set of material icons. The icons can be downloaded in SVG or PNG formats, which are ideal for use in web, Android, and iOS projects as well as design tools.

8. SEO Icons

SEO is not only booming as a strategy but also in the form of icons. Available on, this free SEO icon set includes 37 spot-on SEO icons in SVG and PNG formats in addition to AI and EPS formats. You can find several icons symbolizing different aspects of SEO such as target audiences, market analysis, organic search, link building, content management, tag optimization, bookmark service, and more.

It is released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License and allows designers to use it on web design provided that you acknowledge the creator, ie, give them due credit.

Final Thoughts On Free SVG Icons

SVG has gained a wealth of momentum in the web design world. Whether it’s free SVG icons or SVG editors, the suite is now widely used for creating graphics and icons among other creatives. It is popular for all the right reasons including crisper display even at different sizes, significantly compressed file sizes, and high CSS customization capabilities.

The features are all-set to boom further and become more versatile in usage in the near future. While there are many more icon sets and resources available for free use and in multiple formats out there in the web marketplace, the aforementioned free SVG icons can serve as a great starting point for your project, letting you create the best of designs.

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